WALLINGFORD, CT (WFSB) - If you have a child with autism, you know how difficult it can be for them to show and understand emotions.

But a new robot is changing the way children on the autism spectrum learn.

“Hi! My name is Milo.”

He's one smart robot that's helping some students with special needs.

“I am the next generation of therapy for students with autism,” said Milo the robot.

Milo can walk, talk, and model human expressions all to help autistic students learn and understand social skills.

“I am designed to help students connect, behaviorally, socially,” Milo says.

Best Academy in Wallingford introduced Milo to their students this year.

“Once they meet them, they're zoned in and focused,” said Kyli Jones, a social worker.

Social worker Kyli Jones works with students one-on-one. She says Milo teaches students ways to calm down, how to say hi and bye.

“He will talk about leaving, the appropriate way to say good bye, not interrupting conversations things that don't come naturally to the autistic population that we serve,” Jones said.

Students on the autism spectrum can struggle with their emotions, and the emotions of others.

The robot's data is stored, so it can be collected and reviewed by teachers and therapists.

“I’ll know where they are in their lessons, how far they've gotten, how successful they've been. If I need to go back and teach it again so I know where to go with my next lesson,” Jones said.

And these students are progressing.

“I am always patient and can repeat myself as many times as needed,” Milo says.

“The students engaged are making rapid progress, they're remember their skills from the lesson before. They're able to use them,” said Jones.

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