Water company discourages residents from opening fire hydrants


Cooling off during the heat wave is most people’s utmost priority and although a fountain of water may seem tempting, it’s not a good idea.

Officials from the Regional Water Authority spoke with Channel 3 on Saturday to explain that opening a fire hydrant is dangerous and impactful.

A few weeks ago, in Branford, a fire hydrant ruptured and impacted the neighborhood’s water supply.

“And as a result, a number of our customers had discolored water and were calling our office,” said Regional Water Authority spokesperson, Dan Doyle.

Doyle said the pressure from an open hydrant can disrupt the sediments in a water system.

The discolored water is usually not harmful and temporary, but there are other reasons opening a fire hydrant is a bad idea.

“It can decrease water pressure for firefighters who may need to put out a fire,” said Doyle. “The pressure of the water can be harmful if it hits somebody.”

It’s also illegal.

Instead of breaking the rules and opening a fire hydrant, many are choosing to sit back and relax in other ways.

“We certainly think people should cool off but do not open fire hydrants,” said Doyle.

The Regional Water Authority recommends contacting their offices if your water is discolored, at (203) 562-4020.

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