WATERBURY, CT (WFSB) - Waterbury Public Schools will stay on their remote learning program at least through the end of the month.

Superintendent Dr. Verna Ruffin said school officials were hoping to at least resume hybrid classes on Jan. 19; however, current COVID-19 trends made them change their minds.

"In collaboration with Mayor Neil M. O’Leary, the City of Waterbury Department of Public Health and the Board of Education, I have made the decision to continue virtual learning until we feel that a safe return to in-person learning is possible," Ruffin said. "All students will continue to follow their same daily start and end times and will be in session Monday through Friday."

Ruffin said the health and safety of students is their highest priority.

"We will reassess a date of return to the hybrid model as we approach the end of the second marking period on Jan. 29," she said.

The staff, however, will continue to report to their respective buildings.

The Food Service Department will continue to provide meals for Monday through Sunday. They will be available for pick up at a list of schools Monday through Friday, from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.:

  • Bunker Hill Elementary School: 170 Bunker Hill Avenue
  • Carrington Elementary School: 24 Kenmore Avenue
  • Chase Elementary School: 40 Woodtick Road
  • Crosby High School: 300 Pierpont Road
  • Driggs Elementary School: 77 Woodlawn Terrace
  • Duggan Elementary School: 38 West Porter Street
  • Generali Elementary School: 3196 East Main Street
  • Gilmartin Elementary School: 94 Spring Lake Road
  • Hopeville Elementary School: 2 Cypress Street
  • Kennedy High School: 422 Highland Avenue
  • Kingsbury Elementary School: 220 Columbus Boulevard
  • Reed Elementary School: 33 Griggs Street
  • Regan Elementary School: 2780 North Main Street
  • Rotella Elementary School: 380 Pierpont Road
  • Sprague Elementary School: 1443 Thomaston Avenue
  • Tinker Elementary School: 809 Highland Avenue
  • Walsh Elementary School: 55 Dikeman Street
  • Waterbury Arts Magnet School: 16 South Elm Street
  • Washington Elementary School: 685 Baldwin Street
  • Waterbury Career Academy: 175 Birch Street
  • West Side Middle School: 483 Chase Parkway
  • Wilby High School: 568 Bucks Hill Road

ALL children 18 and under can pick up, or a parent or guardian can pick up, meals, which include breakfast, lunch, a snack, supper and the fresh fruit and vegetable of the day.

"It is my hope that we will, through our collective efforts, return to a sense of normalcy soon," Ruffin said. "I have no doubt that we are all committed to seeing our children flourish again in school. I know my entire staff will continue to work tirelessly towards a hybrid model return as soon as it is safe."

For 4th grader Cameron Finnegan, he was prepared to go back to in-person learning, but he says he is relieved. 

"It was good because I'm scared to go back to school because I don't want to get sick," Finnegan said. 

For this mom, Samantha Ardito, the announcement was bittersweet. She's fine with her older children staying home, but she's worried her youngest isn't learning anything.

"She doesn't get the online. It's her first year going to school and she started going to school, she went to school for a month, now she's home. There's no structure. There's not socializing for her," Ardito said. 

Waterbury schools wants to remind families that there are several programs in place to still support students and their families. 

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