Waterbury woman's body found in closet leads to boyfriend's arrest

Adam Plaeger. (Waterbury police photo)

The discovery of a body in a closet has led to the arrest of a woman's boyfriend.

Adam Plaeger, 38, was arrested on Sunday after police said they received a complaint about a foul odor coming from a second floor apartment closet.

When officers arrived at the scene on Plaza Avenue, they found the body of 40-year-old Melanie Heuberger.

"You could smell it on the street. I don't know if they opened the windows or whatever, but it was coming down the street," neighbor Darrick Bass said. "It was bad."

Plaeger was eventually developed as the suspect, according to police. He lived at the address with his girlfriend, Heuberger.

Days before the victim's death, investigators said the couple was involved in some kind of a domestic dispute.

Police said Plaeger strangled Heuberger.

"I had seen all the police out here and I said to my boyfriend right then and there I hope it's not Melanie," Bass said.

Plaeger was charged with murder. Plaeger is currently in police custody and being held on a $1 million bond.

Katherine Carr was friends with Heuberger. Carr said the couple had their issues, but she never would have imagined this incident.

"He loved her so much. He has a tattoo on his neck of her name. He has another tattoo on him of her name, so that is two tattoos," Carr said. "That is a pretty permanent thing. He is someone, who idolized her. He worshiped her. I don't know how it got twisted like this."

Heuberger would have turned 41 in just a few days. Her birthday would have been July 8.

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