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We spent the night inside a CT haunted inn and here's what happened

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We spent the night inside a CT haunted inn and here's what happened

PRESTON, CT (WFSB) – A historic inn is one of the most haunted places in the state, and Channel 3's Dennis Valera took the trip to spend the night.

Captain Grant’s Inn, in Preston, has a history of people having otherworldly experiences.

Channel 3's Dennis Valera had a camera inside his room during his stay at Captain Grant’s Inn, which captured some paranormal experiences.

So Dennis Valera took the trip to stay the night, all while documenting his whole experience.

Dennis stayed in the room called the "Adelaide" room, which has logs of reported noises, sightings, and just weird things happening.

Before he went to bed, he set up a camera and captured a few things that could be evidence of activity.

One of the lamps went on and off repeatedly early Wednesday morning.

Also, the camera's audio cut out several times, followed by some noise.


Dennis tweets "Hi, I'm alive." He's ready to head back to Channel 3 and put together all of his footage from his spooky stay!


More flickers right before the sun comes up


Some more flickers from the bedside lamp


A bedside lamp starts to flicker on and off during the 6 a.m. hour

Dennis Valera is spending the night at Captain Grant's Inn in Preston and he's starting to learn why it's the most haunted place in Connecticut.

10:00 PM UPDATE:

Aside from the paranormal, there’s a lot to enjoy here at the inn. The game room has a great pool table and the owners left baked goods for all the guests tonight in the dining room. It’s kind of emblematic of the spirits here. The owners say the spirits here aren’t antagonistic at all. If anything, they say, it’s just a creepy experience if you run into one—but they’re not here to hurt you.

Dennis Valera is documenting his night at Captain Grant's Inn in Preston, a place notorious for other worldly sightings.


So far, the creepiest thing about the house are all the dolls that are around. Some are pretty tame, like the one by the fireplace in the Adelaide room. Then there’s the one under the portrait of Captain Grant, I’ve walked past it about a dozen times now and it scares me every time.


The bathroom is said to be the most haunted part of the most haunted room, the Adelaide. Mostly because of the spirit said to be here, 5-year-old Deborah Adams. There have been many accounts of the shower rod or shower curtain being ripped out, then crashing on the ground. It’s made the owners believe she doesn’t like them.


Each room has journals guests have written in. While a lot of the entries are thanking Carol and Ted for the stay, some do describe what they witnessed. In this entry from 2011, the writer talks about hearing the shower curtain in the Adelaide room crash. The owners say the ghost that haunts the bathroom, 5-year-old Deborah Adams, doesn’t like the shower curtain.


Despite the creepy record of what goes on in this room, it’s pretty cozy. It’s named after Captain Grant’s wife, Mercy Adelaide Avery, who is said to have haunted the room in the past. One of the owners, Carol Matsumoto, said the late captain’s wife actually didn’t like the name Adelaide, but Matsumoto didn’t want to name the room Mercy.

Channel 3's Dennis Valera is spending the night in a haunted CT inn.

Captain Grant’s Inn, nestled in the heart of New London County, was featured on Channel 3 back in 2019.

Haunted Connecticut: Captain Grant’s

On the outside, Captain Grant’s is a large old home that’s located on Route 2A in Preston. But on the inside, it turns out guests are never really alone.

The house was built in 1754 and there have been many owners over the years, including a man known as ‘Captain Grant.’

Ghostly activity has been reported in all five of the bedrooms, but the most has happened on the second floor in the Adelaide.

Named after Captain Grant's wife, Mercy Adelaide Grant.

Many guests specifically request the "Adelaide" room, which is considered the most haunted room of the five in the house.

That's where Dennis spent the night.

Carol Matsumoto said she knew ghosts have been at Captain Grant's since she opened it in 1995.

"Things that were put on the table in the morning were on the floor. Then we got knocking on the front door, we don't get much of that anymore,” she said.

She and her husband didn't disclose that until a guest complained in 1999.

"He said ‘well between 4 and 5-, you were in the attic with your boots on, really stomping around up there.’ And so that was the very first time I said to anybody, the house is haunted,” she explained.

Carol said people have reported that a child has crawled into bed with people. She also mentioned the tv and lamp have turned on and off throughout the night.

"My husband's an electrical engineer, he can't figure it out,” Matsumoto said.

Dennis' camera captured the lamp flickering.

The majority of the activity has been witnessed in the bathroom, and guests are encouraged to record what they see in these journals.

Many entries in the Adelaide talk about the bathroom, like one from 2011 that said "heard loud crashes in the night. Woke up to find shower curtain laying across the entire bathroom."

The inn happens to sit within a few feet of an original cemetery for the village.

The cemetery itself is almost 400 years old and the stones are so old, you can barely read most of them. However, some of the people buried there may be responsible for some of the activity happening inside the inn.

The inn now welcomes more than 2,400 guests each year.

Matsumoto said she and her husband will never be driven away by what happens.

"It's not the kind of haunting where a spirit gets trapped and the same time every day that spirit, maybe they come out of a wall and they go back. It's not that kind of a haunting,” she explained.

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