(WFSB) -- It is back to school time, and it is bound to be a stressful for many boys and girls.

For a lot of kids, it’s been a year since they were in a classroom.

In this week’s Wellness Wednesday report, experts have some tips to ease that anxiety.

“The 2021-22 school year is shaping up to be a big transition for many families,” said Julia Edelstein, editor in chief of Parents Magazine.

She said one of the biggest worries for parents has been separation anxiety since we have all spent so much time together during the pandemic.

“Practice now, so you know the week or two before school, take some date nights, book a babysitter, give your child some practice in the notion that mommy and daddy leave and they come back and also help them to see that an adult you trust is an adult that they can trust, so just as you trust their babysitter to take care of them, they should trust the babysitter to take care of them and you are entrusting your teacher with your child and they should feel completely comfortable going to that teacher with any worries or concerns they have,” Edelstein said.

Also have a conversation about the changes that are coming.

“So, some schools actually have a visit to the classroom in the days preceding the first day of school, but because of COVID, some of those traditions aren’t happening this year, they are trying to limit visitors to the school so do a version yourself, drive to school get out of the car, show them where the entrance is show them what it will be like when you pick them up. Having a run through will take away a lot of the anxiety for your kid. They will no longer be wondering what’s it going to be like, ‘will I get lost, will I remember which hallway to go down,’ the more you can show them in advance with pictures of the school the more you can show them in advance, the less worry your child will be when that big day comes,” she said.

Even though it’s hard, she said to make those goodbyes quick.

“I think the more of a production that we make those goodbyes, the more likely kids are to suddenly feel overcome by emotion or to think this is a big deal maybe I should be upset so just remind them that separating coming back together is just a regular part of life keep it low key and it should go smoothly,” she said.

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