NEW LONDON, CT (WFSB) - As the weather warms up, more of us will be heading out on the water.

The advice from the Coast Guard is simple, if you’re going out on the water, don’t go in it alone.

"It’s better to be safe than sorry," Carlos Cabral of the New London Coast Guard said.

Carlos says they’ve been seeing a lot of boaters out already.

"We have been seeing a lot more people going out earlier in the season, this year specifically," says Cabral.

And there was a boost in boat sales during the pandemic, so there are many first-time boaters out there.

"We have been noticing normally for the summertime. A lot of people put their boats back in the water. Coming off from the Winter months, everyone wants to get back out. With COVID, a lot of people have been going out buying boats," explained Cabral.

So as you get ready for Summer, get your float plan ready too with information about your boat, the safety equipment you're carrying, and who is on board.

Tell your friends and family where you are going and when you’ll be back.

If you’re delayed, keep them in the loop.

"Key things, the type of boat you’re going to be on, your name, an emergency contact number, whether you have an EPUR, which basically gives out GPS coordinates to the Coast Guard if something happens," continued Cabral.

You can also fill out a float plan through the Coast Guard app or on

If you’re worried about someone who is out on a boat, remember, you can call the Coast Guard for help and you’ll also see them out this Summer, making sure you’re being safe.

"We are going out there, checking all the boats, making sure they have safety equipment. That’s the biggest thing, make sure you have your safety equipment. Make sure you have your life jackets," added Cabral.

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