(WFSB) - Kids across Connecticut have gone back to the classroom and this year, there are added worries for many parents.

Parents Magazine did a study over the summer to determine what moms and dads are anxious about this year.

Wellness Wednesday

The folks at Parents Magazine polled parents asking what they are most worried about emotional health.

"Parents are more concerned about their kids' emotional health than they are about academic catch up. When we dug deeper into those worries, the answers were really interesting. One thing that we found is that screen time is a top concern. Eighty-seven percent of parents have said that they are worried about how much screen time that their kids have gotten used to over the course of the pandemic and they are concerned about setting new limits and setting new routines that involves less screen time," Julia Edelstein, editor in chief of Parents Magazine, tells us.

So experts say now is the time to set some limits, so try to replace it with something else.

"It might be enrolling your kid in an activity outside of the home, like soccer or theater or a set activity like that, or if your kid was using it for socialization, say they played video games with friends, setting up a FaceTime session with a friend or a play date, or socializing with you or a neighbor, finding something that scratches the same itch, but doesn’t involve the screen," Edelstein explained.

Parents are also concerned about their kids settling into a new routine.

"May just want to prepare your child. If you can go visit the school and check out the bathrooms in advance, definitely do that now. It's also a great time to practice using public restrooms," Edelstein said.

And because we’ve all been together for the past year and a half, separation anxiety is at a high for both parents and kids.

"It can feel intimidating to be gone all day at school, having meals and everything else, and not being home, and so again, practice is so important. You can practice the drop off before school starts. Even if you can’t go in the building, you can drive by, you can practice getting out, and then you can practice coming home, and you can also practice without going to school. Now is a great time to book a babysitter and have your kids stay with that babysitter," Edelstein added.

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