(WFSB) - As many parents get ready to send their kids off to college and make sure they are ready is about more than just getting their dorm room set up.

Wellness Wednesday

Parents also must make sure kids are prepared when it comes to their health.

“As parents, we want to send our kids off to college with the best safety net possible,” said Mary Dell Harrington, cofounder, Grown and Flown.

Grown and Flown is a community of parents with college aged kids.

When it comes to their health, parents want to make sure all their bases are covered.

Harrington said the first step for parents is to get a first aid kit together.

“This is the most tangible, the easiest,” she said.

Pain relievers, a thermometer and cold medicine are all good to have in one place.

Harrington said parents might want to spend some time talking to their teenagers about when to take most medicine.

Prescriptions should be treated differently.

“You need to think about how you are going to transfer that prescription to a college town,” Harrington explained.

State-to-state laws can vary, so depending on the class of medication, it may not be permissible to bring a prescription to school to be filled there if it’s a student coming in from out-of-state.

Their doctor may have to write a new prescription.

Also, keep in mind that the child is legally an adult now, and parents don’t have the same access to their health information.

“Once a kid turns 18, there are three forms a parent should consider executing to help their teen in a medical emergency,” Harrington said.

She said a health care proxy, a durable power of attorney and HIPPA forms should be filled out.

Parents can often find them on college websites.

Also, make sure kids take a picture of those forms and their insurance cards so they have them in the phone.

“find the closest urgent care and / or ER and put those numbers in their phone,” Harrington recommended. “And not to scare people, but if they have an accident or emergency or something in the middle of the night, it’s not the time then to do the research. Do the research now.”

She said there is a steep learning curve for being a college parent.

For more information about the Grown and Flown community, head here.

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