SEYMOUR, CT (WFSB) -- There’s a unique fitness class happening in Connecticut that has boys and girls feeling good both mentally and physically.

The motto at BringtheHoopla is to “bring the fun back into fitness,” and it all starts with the hula hoop.

Before the exercise begins, the class starts with a share circle, because the class also serves as a safe space for children to talk.

“I think every class so far helps because it kind of boosts my self-esteem more,” said student Kate Petruccelli.

The goal is to have a healthy body and mind.

“We focus on letting them love themselves for who they are, teamwork, leadership, building relationships, important simple themes that sometimes we run over because they have so much going on in the day and on top of it they are getting a positive and fun activity,” said Nicole Heriot-Mikula, owner of BringtheHoopla.

For those reasons, many parents say the class has been a great fit for their children, physically and emotionally.

“She’s excited to come here and that’s what matters to me that she’s having a good time,” said mom Lauren Petruccelli.

On top of offering six-week evening classes, BringtheHoopla also has after-school programs, runs school assemblies and offers birthday parties.

In the past eight years, the company has grown, and now brings their hoops to more than 200 schools and libraries across the state.

Last summer, they taught more than 3,700 kids.

“Establishing healthy habits and letting them find ways to soothe themselves and create their own happiness,” said Heriot-Mikula, who adds that she loves to see her students be so happy during class.

BringtheHoopla is in many schools in Fairfield and New Haven counties, and some in Hartford County as well.

For more information on BringtheHoopla, click here.

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