(WFSB) -- The pandemic has many of us spending more time in front of screens, and doctors said it’s having an impact on people’s vision.

“Everyone has been spending so much time with Zoom. Everyone is working from home now,” explained Dr. James Murphy, who is a glaucoma specialist at Refocus Eye Health.

He said the pandemic is creating some eye problems.

“Digital eye strain is known to be a condition that affected people before the pandemic if anything it is worse now,” he said.

Common symptoms include burning or itchy eyes and headaches.

He added that “the sensation that your eyes are pulling out of your head at time. Double vision, blurry vision, and light sensitivity.”

Murphy said people should follow the 20/20/20 rule.

“About every 20 minutes you want to take a break from your screen for about 20 seconds and look or focus on something about 20 feet away,” he said.

It’s best to look out a window, or even better, get outside and give your eyes a little time to readjust by focusing on something far away.

Murphy says this is just as, if not more important, for kids who are on screens.

“Kids arms are so short; they are going to hold it close to their face and that induces the eyes to focus on things that distance. They aren’t going outside and playing and looking at the soccer ball down the field which induces a different type of eye development,” Murphy said.

He continues “those are the primary theories as to why people are getting so nearsightedness, one is screen time and the other the difference in the light that’s emitted from a screen versus the light, the context, the light in the retina when you’re outside playing.”

If your symptoms of eye strain continue to get worse, see a doctor.

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