(WFSB) -- We typically don’t see cases spike until the winter, but RSV is already going around this year.

The respiratory virus can make kids pretty sick, especially the younger they are.

“Definitely seeing more. We don’t typically see much of it at all in the middle of the summer,” said Dr. John Brancato, of Connecticut Children’s hospital.

So, doctors say parents should be aware.

“It’s unusual, but I think we understand it’s related to the lack of exposure last year,” Brancato said.

Doctors said RSV is very contagious and very common.

“The first time a child is infected, its higher risk, by nature of the lack of immunity to it. The virus infects the tissue that lines the respiratory track,” Brancato said.

The first few symptoms can mimic a common cold and can also be similar to COVID or Croup.

Here’s what to keep in mind: “But it moves down the airways to the lungs, and as the body responds to the virus, there is some damage and death of the cells lining the airway, inflammation and mucus and some spasm of the muscle lining of the airway, so ‘mucousy’ cough and mucus in the airway and causes a wheezing,” Brancato said.

Doctors say when it comes to treatment, there is not much that can be done, but it’s still a good idea to get your kid checked out.

“Breathing consistently fast, they really should be evaluated. It doesn’t necessarily mean they need to be admitted or there is anything specific to do, but the evaluation by the pediatrician or urgent care or emergency department, we can at least determine which of the clinical concerns is present and if there is something to do and tips on managing at home,” Brancato said.

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