HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) -- Cold and flu season is here and it comes as the pandemic drags on.

When someone gets sick in your house, having a stocked medicine cabinet ready to go can help lessen symptoms and stress.

When it comes to being prepared, one local doctor says in ways, less is more.

Dr. Beth Natt with Connecticut children’s said parents really don’t need much to support kids through a sickness.

“The most important thing is to make sure your kids are comfortable. So, you want to make sure you have Tylenol or Motrin at home,” Natt said.

Tylenol can be used at any age, and Motrin, for kids over 6 months.

If your kids have a cold, should you have cough medicine on hand?

“That’s something, as pediatricians, we don’t recommend, especially for children under age 6. One of the most effective cough medicines you probably have in your kitchen, and that’s honey, and that actually is as, or more, effective than over the counter cough medicines and has no side effects, but you can’t use it in kids under 1,” she explained.

A nasal suction device and saline spray are helpful with congestion and getting mucus to move.

If your kids are having hard time eating and drinking, she said “Pedialyte, Gatorade if they are a little older can be easy for a child to keep down and can help keep them hydrated as they are getting through an illness.”

Natt also suggests a good, reliable thermometer.

But when it comes to a fever, doctors say to remember to watch your child and not the number.

Fevers are a sign that their immune system is working.

“The fever itself isn’t dangerous, it’s what’s causing the fever, so that’s why you want to make sure you’re communicating with your pediatrician,” Natt said.

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