MIDDLETOWN, CT (WFSB) - Efforts to vaccinate college students continued in the state Sunday.

This weekend, about one thousand students at Wesleyan University got their COVID shot at a walk-in clinic.

One of them was Wesleyan sophomore Ricky Finkel.

"It’s important that we all do everything we can to stop the pandemic and keep everyone safe," Finkel tells us.

Ricky was excited to finally get his first dose.

It was a similar joyful feeling for Donatto Nabas.

"I personally have other health conditions that interfere and linger in my mind in social gatherings, but with the vaccine, I think I’ll be more at ease," says Nabas.

It was all part of a partnership Wesleyan University made with Community Health Center, Inc. to get college students vaccinated, especially since Wesleyan was one of the first schools in the state to announce that before students come back in the Fall, they must have gotten their shot unless you have approved medical or religious exceptions.

"I think that if you want to come to a college campus, you should be mindful that there certain requirements," stated Nabas.

For the students we met today, getting a vaccine is for the greater good so they are okay with the university's decision.

"Semantics in politics, because, unfortunately, not everyone will have access to the vaccine. Hopefully, by when we start next Fall, everyone will be able to get one if they want one. It does make me feel comfortable knowing that by the time I come here next Fall, everyone will be vaccinated," continued Finkel.

But will other Connecticut public and private schools see a COVID vaccine mandate?

We asked Senator Richard Blumenthal, who toured the Middletown clinic today, and he says the focus should be on access.

"As long as the federal government provides the investment and resources to make it accessible, I think people will do it voluntarily," said Blumenthal.


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