WEST HAVEN, CT (WFSB) - A Connecticut company has found a way to help those on the front line of the coronavirus pandemic.

Thermaxx Jackets in West Haven turned its factory, which normally provides insulation for construction projects, into a medical-gown-making facility.

Its owners said the factory was on the verge of being shutdown by the virus. Its projects were stalled because of the locations in the area that were shut down.

However, it started producing medical gowns for medical personnel.

"A fire chief called our owner and said 'we are out of gowns. Can you make some gowns?'" said Larry Campana Jr., CFO, Thermaxx Jackets.

The first gowns came out a week ago. After some testing modifications, the fourth prototype was a go.

"Forty-eight hours from then, we got a thousand orders from 40 different organizations," Campana said. "I can't even keep track anymore."

Daily production reached 400 disposable gowns a day for upwards of 60 organizations. 

Campana said the company will probably max out making 800 a day.

The demand continues to be great. The company, with its 75 employees, said it's happy to help.

"Every single day we change our strategy," Campana  said. "We meet every morning and we come up with a plan to meet the promises we made the day before."

The company said it is footing the bill and has no plans to stop.

"This is not a sustainable business plan," Campana said. "We are going to do it as long as we can."

The gowns are not medical grade; however, there is such a high demand and they serve a huge purpose.

Thermaxx said it gave its design to similar factories that are in turn making gowns.

Learn more and request gowns for your organization here.

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