WEST HAVEN, CT (WFSB) - Parents in West Haven said drivers are speeding past their children and sometimes even their buses.

They said plenty of cars turn off of Forest Road and fly down Westfield Street while others suddenly slow down.

Some event stopped when they spotted Channel 3's camera on Friday.

A few parents said it's an ongoing problem.

“We live parallel to a very busy road, so if there is ever an accident, the traffic gets diverted, the shape of the road is not straight, so you play Russian roulette of who’s going to stop, who’s not going to stop," said Yvonne Sanders of West Haven.

Donnell Pinkett said he's worried about his daughter and the other 5th and 6th graders who catch the bus at the corner of Lee and Westfield streets.

“I’m yelling at cars for people to slow down," Pinkett said. "Some people look at me and give me the finger, some people, wave me off. I stood in the road Monday trying to stop traffic and I actually had a guy swerve around me.”

Pinkett said he has even pulled out his cell phone to document the problem. He's posted videos to Facebook.

Channel 3 reached out to police, as did Pinkett. Both left messages with the department's traffic unit.

“I did see the presence of a cop ride by, come down this road," Pinkett said. "A little while ago, I saw one go up here, which I don’t usually see. So I don’t know if they’re on it, slowing people down. But if they are, I appreciate it.”

The Winkle Bus Company told Channel 3 that its drivers are always on the lookout. If they spot someone passing them when their bus is stopped, the contact the Department of Motor Vehicles for an investigation.

Pinkett said he just has a simple request for those on the road.

"Please, at every bus stop, just slow down," he said. "Morning times, children are everywhere.”

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