WETHERSFIELD, CT (WFSB) -- Freight trains are rolling again in Wethersfield, but not everyone is on board with the sound of the horns.

One mom posted on Facebook to say the noise is derailing nap times for her children, and others chimed in saying it concerns them too.

Jenn Downey insists she’s not against the trains, as they live about a quarter mile down the track.

However, it’s when the trains air-horn blasts for the grade crossing, it wakes her little ones.

“My biggest thing was the schedule with having children, young children who require naps during the day, and are in bed between 7 and 7:30 p.m.,” Downey said.

The rail line butts up to her backyard, some 300 feet away.

The freight service, which stopped 10 years ago, resumed this month, but its the horn blast interruptions that are disturbing.

After Downey posted about it on Facebook, she found that others in the area were complaining about the same thing.

“We weren’t really worried about it. It wasn’t something we thought that all of a sudden after a decade they would start running a train again,” Downey said.

In a statement, Connecticut Southern Spokesperson Mike Williams said, “operations of short freight railroads, such as the Connecticut Southern, are dictated by the service needs of their customers and by access to the large national railroads with which they interchange freight, both of which are subject to constant change.”

He added that two trains per day run on the Wethersfield tracks at 10mph.

As far as the regulations go, it’s not up to the town but the Federal Rail Administration and CT Dept. of Transportation.

“I’m not against the train, I just think it’s unacceptable and irresponsible of a company not to have a schedule for when they’re going to be running,” Downey said.

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(7) comments


"There aren't even safety lights where the tracks cross." Which is why they have to blow the horn. And just because the tracks were unused for however long doesn't mean they couldn't be utilized at any moment.


Whoever does the moderating, lets trolls delete responses. Then leaves the troll comments... WFSB should just disable commenting on their site, they don't care about our opinions, they seem to bury the important things like tolls until it's to late.


Those who just want to go bashing the mom. The train was offline for decades, only recently put back online. You people are straight up deplorable for your comments. Get a life.

Jules Winnfield

Not a very smart woman. Trains do operate on a schedule darlin'. Just one that won't accommodate your petty needs. Eat less and you'll have more money to buy a house that isn't next to the tracks. WFSB needs to try harder to find real news.


Why is this news??? You bought a house near railroad tracks what did you expect.....


The train was offline for decades. There aren't even safety lights where the tracks cross. It should be news.


Those poor moms. Being victimized yet again.

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