WETHERSFIELD, CT (WFSB) -- The Wethersfield police chief has been terminated following a hearing that began Tuesday night and ended overnight.

The Town Council voted 6 to 1 to dismiss Chief James Cetran during the packed hearing.

Cetran has been on the force for 47 years, 18 of them as chief. He was recently placed on administrative leave and asked to retire.

Before the hearing on Tuesday, Cetran’s attorney Rachel Baird said she planned to argue that the town doesn’t have just cause to terminate her client.

Last November, the town said it suspended Cetran for two months for “insubordination” following an internal investigation.

When he returned, he announced that he would retire on Aug. 31.

Last month, however, Cetran rescinded his retirement.

In the meantime, the town started the process of finding a new police chief. It said Cetran breached his agreement with Wethersfield by withdrawing his retirement.

"The position of the Wethersfield police chief is not and frankly never should be a lifetime appointment. The chief made a deal on when that would end and he didn't follow through on it," said attorney Ken Plumb, counsel to Town Manager Gary Evans. 

The Wethersfield Town Council voted to fire its police chief after months of turmoil.

Baird said the chief rescinded his retirement agreement because the town breached the contract first.

“The town breached ‘paragraph two’ of this retirement agreement, which said that Chief Cetran could come back to work, run his department according to the law procedures and past precedent, and keep the town manager apprised of what was going on, but that didn’t happen. He came back and the town manager continued to harass him, continued to interfere with internal affairs investigations,” Baird said.

The Wethersfield police chief is facing termination in a hearing Tuesday night.

Baird said they plan to appeal the termination decision.

A date for the dismissal was not immediately set.

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