Wethersfield turkey becomes talk of the town

Wethersfield's Own "Kevin the Turkey" Mascot (WFSB)

A turkey has become the talk of the town in Wethersfield.

Already it has captured the hearts of many who take pictures of the bird daily and share it with other fellow fans on social media.

Channel Three Eyewitness News reporter Jennifer Lee explains why people are gobbling this turkey up.

Workers at 225 Spring Street said the turkey has become their mascot.

They've been seeing him nearly every single day since March right by the sidewalk.

"He goes by many names. Kevin, from me, Mr. Andy McGibblets and he also goes by Mr. Nuggets," resident Shari DeLuca said.

Whatever residents call him, one thing is clear.

People really like this turkey.

"Lucky us, we've got Kevin...people bring him fruits and nuts," DeLuca said.

Raymond Szelijowski is another fan of the turkey and sees him on the way to work.

"Not too many people see a turkey in the middle of the road just sitting there for attention," Szekijowski said.

This lone turkey often settles in the shade, but he's not afraid to cross the road and even takes strolls around town.

Mary Victorick cares for the turkey's safety.

"I'm just afraid one of these days I'm going to drive by and see him squished on the side of the road. I would be sad about that," Victorick said.

DeLuca said Wethersfield police, animal control and even the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection are aware of the bird, but it's out of their hands.

"What Kevin needs is a pardon, perhaps from the Governor. I know it's a little early, usually that happens in November, but we think it should happen now," DeLuca said.

Although it's not a pardon, Kelly's Kids Inc. in Prospect said they will take Kevin the turkey in if someone would bring him to their farm.

"We love Kevin. We will even help with the cost to relocate Kevin to a safer environment. If someone could do that we would really appreciate it," DeLuca said.

And while people try to find a safe space for this turkey to be relocated, his Facebook fan base continues to grow with nearly 200 members.

Those interested in relocating Kevin to Kelly's Kids Inc. can call 203-232-3546.

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