CHESHIRE, CT (WFSB) -- This fall, children across the state will be going back to school, while some of them will be doing what's known as a “PG” or post graduate.

It's a gap year between high school and college, and while it’s an expensive option for many families, it can pay off.

Dan Graziano wanted to play football in college, but wasn’t sure where. He also didn’t know what he wanted to study.

“I’ve been playing football since I was 7 and I just love the game,” he said.

So, he and his family made a decision to postpone college for a year so he could do a post graduate year.

Graziano enrolled at Cheshire Academy, which was an adjustment.

“It was tough, it took him out of his comfort zone. He was away from all of his friends in Watertown. Now he was in a different place with kids he doesn’t know,” said Dan’s father Rob Graziano.

He said his son was a good student and a good athlete, but he wasn’t sure how to pick the right college.

He had heard about post graduate, and thought it would be a good opportunity.

However, it was an expensive choice, with tuition for that one year as a day student being $41,000.

“It gave him that extra year. It made him more mature academically, more mature athletically and socially,” Dan Graziano said.

This past year was a good one for Dan Graziano. He got stronger as a wide receiver and as a student, and was accepted to Salve Regina College in Newport, RI.

“I always wanted to go to Salve and if I didn’t come to Cheshire I probably wouldn’t be going there,” said Dan Graziano.

He will be playing football this fall and pursuing a degree in education, and will also be getting a merit scholarship of $25,000 a year.

“I like to tell people it’s a great investment. There are no guarantees. We tell people on day one we give you the runway to succeed but it’s totally up to you,” said Cheshire Academy football Coach Rich Ferraro.

“The number of people who can afford this is definitely smaller than the norm,” said Laura Dempsey, of Cheshire Academy College Counseling.

She said students can get financial aid at Cheshire Academy and what they get there is different from their high schools.

“Helping the student get into college, how to do the application, let’s go over your essay, let’s do some SAT prep.” Dempsey said.

While in most cases its sports, other students take a gap year to get their grades up or do better on their SAT scores.

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