Wild Bill’s Nostalgia set to close one year after owner’s death

Wild Bill's Nostalgia, owned by William 'Wild Bill' Ziegler, is set to close (WFSB)

MIDDLETOWN, CT (WFSB) - A staple in the Middletown community is closing its doors.

Wild Bill’s Nostalgia Shop opened more than 3 decades ago.

Last year, its founder passed away and his family says they can no longer maintain the store.

This is the store’s final weekend and the community is cashing in on all things wacky, weird, and wild.

Where else can you find vintage games, even an old seed planter?

It’s the end of an era at Wild Bill’s and the community isn’t missing out.

For 33 years, Wild Bill’s remained an iconic shop in the city of Middletown.

“You got the big Jack-in-the-box, with the clown head coming out. As a kid we used to drive by and think 'Oh My God, what is that place?'" said Greg Jarnutowski.

Founded in 1983, it was Bill Ziegler’s dream to collect and sell the weird, the wacky, and the wonderful.

Last April, he passed away and his family says the final curtain call is here.

“It’s bigger than any of us. There’s no other Wild Bill. As much as we love it and are going to miss it and its sad, it’s really heartbreaking, we just can’t do it. It’s just way too big for any one of us collectively to be able to do,” said Berkshire Ziegler, owner’s son.

The good news is there’s a huge sale.

From vintage posters, to a Ms. Packman machine, there is something for everyone.

“I just was blown away. I mean literally this was everything from my childhood, everything is fascinating,” said Bob Sargent, visiting from Colorado.

“It’s pretty cool to come back and just get lucky enough to come visit home and be able to be here one more time,” said Jarnutowski.

On its final weekend, each person, taking with them a piece of Wild Bill.

“We would rather all the people that love Wild Bill’s, that have been coming here for years to be able to come out and buy something and have a piece to say ‘I got this from Wild Bills,’” said Ziegler.

Wild Bill’s is closing its doors on September 30th.

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