Schools lockdown lifted, suspect in custody for nearby 'shots fired' incident

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Willimantic police are going door-to-door Thursday to warn off-campus college students against throwing large parties.

Officials said they are telling students at Eastern Connecticut State University to not host wild parties after a rash of arrests earlier this year.

"The fact that they're coming to the door to have a positive conversation I think is a really good idea," said student Shannon Dobney.

Although they are going to off campus housing, ECSU police are also stepping in.

"The bottom line is we want them to be safe. We tell them we're not delusional, we know this is college and they're going to have their fun but we want them to have it in a safe manner as possible," said Lieutenant Tom Madera.

Last Spring, five ESCU students were arrested at off campus house parties. 19 people in total were arrested.

Long time homeowner Kevin Hoxie said because the parties on his street often get out of hand, he tries to meet his neighbors when they move in.

"I tell the students listen what you're going to do here would you do at your own house? And most of them say no," said Hoxie.

Administrators at ECSU sent a letter to students last week reminding them to follow school policies and procedures.

"...there are several ordinances in place To regulate excessive noise, public display of alcohol, underage use of alcohol, house parties, and walking through the streets late at night causing a disturbance," officials wrote in the letter.

Police said they want students to enjoy college, but be safe at the same time.

"We want you to enjoy the city, we want you to. Enjoy the college experience but you're going to do it responsibly or there will be gross consequences to those actions," said police Public Information Officer, Cpl. Stan Parizo.

Anyone concerned over parties in the area can call Willimantic Police.

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