The Windsor Locks Police Department is continuing the search for a pit bull after it attacked another dog on Friday.

The family of a rat terrier told police their family dog had to be euthanized after it was viciously attacked by a pit bull in Windsor Locks.

Police said a complainant reported a gray and white female pit bull attacked a 10-year-old rat terrier, named Faith, on the deck of his home. Her owner Edward Vidal said she was working in the backyard when the attack occurred.

"The dog grabbed her and pulled her out," Vidal said. "I tried to do anything to stop it."

The man had to hit the pit bull with a plastic rod to get it to drop his dog.

"I was standing right there and I wacked the big dog with this and it didn't seem to do anything," Vidal said talking about his shovel.

Faith had to be put down after it was taken to a vet. The injuries were too severe, police said.

"Faith never harmed anyone. She was very faithful," Vidal said. "And her full name was leap of faith so she definitely laid down her life for me."

Police spent several hours checking the area around the attack, but they said they were unable to find the pit bull.

"It was standing on the porch and I couldn't believe how muscular the dog was," Vidal said.

Vidal had a small ceremony and buried faith in the backyard where she played. His daughter laid a dogwood flower on top.

"It was a tough decision having to tell the veterinarian to put her to sleep," Vidal said. "It was a hard decision and I know it was just a dog but it was my friend you know."

Later, police said an officer was approached by two separate people who witnessed seeing a gray and white pit bull running from the area while covered in blood.

The dog has still not been found. Police said it may not even belong to a Windsor Locks resident.

"It's always a tragic loss," Windsor Locks Police Lt. Paul Cherniak said. "We all have dogs and pets in our families throughout our lives and it always touches you when these types of things happen."

Police said if anyone sees the pit bull, they are asking them not to approach it. Anyone with information about an owner or the dog itself is asked to contact the Windsor Locks Police Department at 860-627-1461.

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