WINDSOR, CT (WFSB) -- A part of Windsor’s history is now in shambles.

The iconic tobacco barns off of Route 20 were intentionally broken down over the weekend.

Many people were shocked and surprised to see the historical barns flattened.

“I’ve lived here 22 years. This has been a regular sight the entire time I’ve lived here. It’s kind of devastating not knowing the reason behind it,” said Peter Betsch, of Granby.

“I stopped because I wanted to take some pictures. I noticed that a lot of those barns have been taken down. I was just so sad,” said Marcia Hale, of Longmeadow, Mass.

The barns are owned by the Thrall family, who first started up the tobacco farm in the 1600s.

Tobacco leaves were dried inside the sheds that became a staple of the community.

However, in recent years, the family said business has been declining.

The land is now for sale.

“This used to be the first job kids would get when they’re 15 or 16. They would go pick tobacco it was like a coming of age,” Hale said.

The piece of land has been on the market for several days.

Town Manager Peter Souza said the property is zoned for commercial or industrial use, and it’s been the town’s master plan all along.

“It provides employment opportunities not only for the Windsor community but also for the region it also provides tax base. It helps us diversify the tax base,” Souza said.

A member of the Thrall family said nobody is sadder to see the barns flattened.

It’s a sentiment the community feels too.

“It’s kind of upsetting but you know the family needs to do what’s best for them,” Betsch said.

The Thrall family declined an interview but said breaking down the barns was a business decision, and one that wasn’t made lightly.

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Gotta make way for another Family Dollar and Starbucks!

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