WOLCOTT, CT (WFSB) -- An uproar in Wolcott has some parents upset over punishment the board of education is giving a high school sports team.

Football players allegedly trashed a visiting team's locker room, and now the superintendent says they're cancelling Friday night's game and senior night.

After a game against St. Paul Catholic High School in Bristol almost two weeks ago, some players on the Wolcott high school football team reportedly damaged lockers.

Senior night is when parents, family members and friends come support the athletes. The athletes are called out on the field with their parents.

However, for Wolcott High School football players and the cheerleaders, it’s being cancelled.

Wolcott parent Gary Olmstead said school administrators could have gone a different way.

“Totally surprised by the punishment. Like I said, it could have been handled a lot differently and the punishment should be totally different from what it is,” said Olmstead, whose son is a senior on the football team.

The players involved in the vandalism caused $3,000 worth of damage.

The superintendent and board of education decided to cancel Friday night's game, which is also senior night.

“Hopefully the superintendent changes his minds and give them a senior night and the night that they deserve,” Olmstead said.

When the superintendent learned what happened, he said “two honorable student-athletes came forward with their families to take responsibility for a portion of the damage that was caused to the locker room there."

However, the school believes more students are involved and gave them an opportunity to come forward, but nobody did.

"The board and the administration regret that this is the outcome we have reached and were truly hopeful that the other responsible players and their families would have come forward for the good of the team,” the statement said.

Olmstead says there are 16 seniors on the team and they shouldn't have to lose out.

“You don't pull 4 years of hard work and dedication for a bad 30 seconds,” Olmstead said, adding that the forfeit on Friday will cost the team going to the playoffs.

The superintendent said the players and cheerleaders will be recognized for senior night at a Thanksgiving game.

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