ELLINGTON, CT (WFSB) - Getting violently sick from eating a donut?

It happened to many customers after visiting Gerry’s Donuts in Ellington.

The North Central District Health Department warns people to not eat food from there while it investigates the cause.

Mother’s Day weekend was supposed to be special for so many reasons for Terri Civitello.

Tonight, she’s still sick.

Her daughter is also and her mother is fighting for her life in the hospital.

Meanwhile, Gerry’s Donuts says nothing like this has ever happened in the thirty-plus years it’s been in business.

"Yes, I’ve gone to Gerry’s Donuts as many times as any Ellington resident, but now I live in Birmingham, Alabama," Civitello tells us.

Terri’s daughter hasn’t seen her grandmother in almost two years.

The family met up Mother’s Day weekend by traveling to Civitello’s hometown, stopping by the iconic shop, Gerry’s Donuts.

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While returning to Alabama, Civetello and her daughter became ill, but her 83-year-old mom got it worst.

"Got sick in bed, couldn’t get herself to the bathroom, aspirated on her vomit, and went into ICU," explained Civitello.

Tonight, we’re told she almost didn’t make it the first night at the hospital, where she’s still not doing well.

The North Central District Health Department tells Eyewitness News it received many reports of gastrointestinal illness.

Something else left a bad taste in Civitello’s mouth, a post that was made to the shop's Facebook page that has since been deleted.

"It basically said life happens and with not the most pleasant word there," explained Civitello.

Sara Yetishefsky, the owner’s niece, explains.

"I have no idea where that post even came from. I don’t know who I work with that has access to that post. Gerry, himself, does not have access to that page," stated Yetishefsky.

Gerry’s Donuts did apologize for the Facebook post.

It also said it’s not taking the matter lightly.

Eyewitness News is learning the owner is shocked and working with state public health officials.

The shop’s message tonight...

"I just want people to know how sorry we truly are that this happened," said Yetishefsky.

Tonight, we’re also learning state public health officials are expected to interview customers who got sick.

Gerry’s Donuts is currently closed during the investigation.

As for Civitello, she says she wants a thorough investigation and believes there should be some compensation for ill customers.


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(11) comments

jan w

why all the anger? People got sick and others should know to avoid the store until its been figured out. Why the hate?

Comment deleted.
Kenny Sunbright

The owner has not been arrested, and at no point did WFSB say he was responsible for people getting sick.

Comment deleted.
Kenny Sunbright

You do know this does not 1) help your town's imagine in any way. 2) help the owner of Gerry's.




Looks like the nursing home forgot to give someone their meds.

Kenny Sunbright

You keep ignoring the fact people did get sick and its being investigated. Doesn't mean the it was the owner, could have been a bad supplier or outside actor. We don't know yet.



Kenny Sunbright

Um, the comments you made come across as less than friendly.


and there it is, what she is in it for-"and believes there should be some compensation for ill customers."

Kenny Sunbright

You're basically saying: Anyone, if found guilty, should not have consequences for their actions.

Comment deleted.
Kenny Sunbright

Fact is people got sick and North Central District Health Department is investigating. At no point did anyone definitively state the owner or his crew was responsible. Did they? Acting like a delinquent while violating several of WFSB's community guidelines disparages the image of your post card perfect town.

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