John Jensen Waterbury Arrest

An 81-year-old man was arrested for injuring a 76-year-old woman at a nursing home facility in Waterbury on Saturday night.

WATERBURY, CT (WFSB) -- An 81-year-old man is being charged with murder after he allegedly strangled a 76-year-old woman at a nursing home facility in Waterbury on Saturday night.

The woman, identified as Patricia Way, died on Sunday.

Waterbury were called to the Autumn Lake Healthcare at Bucks Hill around 6 p.m. on Saturday for the report of an assault.

Staffers rushed to Jensen's room when they heard his roommate calling for help. 

A supervisor who rushed to the room told police he found Way in her wheelchair, with Jensen standing behind her with her scarf wrapped around his hands.

The court documents say, "Asked him what he was doing and he told her not to worry about it. John stated that he then wrapped the scarf around (her) neck and held her up wit the intent to strangle the life out of her. He continued to strangle (her) until he felt the life leave her body." 

Staffers pushed Jensen away and started CPR. 

Police arrested John Jensen for ‘a number of charges,’ police said including strangulation and criminal attempt at murder.

His charges were upgraded to murder during a court appearance Monday morning.

Police said Way was taken to St. Mary’s Hospital after the incident.

She was initially listed as being in critical condition, but died on Sunday.

Police said they are working to determine the relationship between Jensen and the victim, but said they are familiar with one another.

According to court documents, Jensen and Way would often do things together and was described by some at the nursing home as a couple. 

"Obviously there were witnesses available on site. Jensen was brought back to police headquarters where an interview was conducted and he made some admissions," said Chief Fernando Spagnolo, Waterbury Police Department. 

When interviewed by police, Jensen told them the two were in a relationship, but had gotten into an argument earlier in the day and that he began thinking about how to kill her. 

According to the bail commissioner, Jensen has a criminal record that dates back more than 50 years, including a federal conviction for an armed bank robbery back in 1966, up to a DUI arrest in 1999. 

Jensen faced a judge Monday morning and is being held on a $1.5 million bond.

His lawyer said Jensen has dementia and PTSD.

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He is a career criminal.

Common Sense

This person may very well have dementia and other psych issues, and therein lies the issue. I have seen too many patients who have these issues put into the general population of the elderly who are just physically ill and need care. We need to bring back psych units in nursing homes for these people.

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