Woman hit by car pleads for driver to come forward


A Wethersfield woman was hit by a car on Saturday night and she is pleading for the driver to come forward after they left the scene.

Lorena Basile is back home on Monday night after spending the weekend in the hospital.

"I knew I was going to get hit so I took a deep breath because he was just too close to me and it was too late for me to get out of the road," Basile said.

The bruises on Basile's body and the crutches she is now relying on to get around are a painful reminder that she could have lost her life after being struck by a car on Saturday night.

"I have a fractured femur, near my knee area, my ankle is really swollen. My neck hurts, my back hurts, I'm all bruised," Basile said.

Basile was hit on Middletown Ave in front of her house around 7 p.m. on Saturday.

"It was a snow storm, so I couldn't park in my driveway. So, I parked in the front," Basile said.

Basile was trying to get into her car to move it off the street, when she said the vehicle suddenly appeared.

"I could see headlights coming, so I'm like alright, let me just wait. I thought they were going to let me get in my car, instead of going into the middle of the road, they started coming toward me," Basile said.

That's when she said she braced for what she knew was about to happen

"I flipped in the are, I was barefoot, my shoes went flying into the air, I hit my head," Basile explained.

She thought the car was going to stop, but instead it drove away.

"As I was laying there, I saw the car slowed down, but I couldn't get the plate, so he stopped a little, and then he took off," Basile said. "I crawled to the front door and then I started screaming."

Basile's 15-year-old son, Vincent, was inside the house at the time and heard his mom screaming for help.

"It just didn't sound good, so I just ran downstairs and I saw her," Vincent said. "I got my friends to come help me, called 9-1-1 and I just stayed there and I kind of held her head up because she said she hurt her head really bad."

Basile spent two days in the hospital. Despite her injuries, she knows how fortunate she is.

"If I had even moved to the side he would have gotten me head on or worse. They told me I probably would have had a lot worse injuries if I had not been pinned to my car the way I was," Basile said.

She has a message for the driver who hit her and kept going.

"If you were on Middletown Avenue around 6:30 to 7 p.m. and you have a black SUV and you were going by there and you think you hit something, you hit something and if you stopped in the middle road a little, you hit someone," Basile said.

Police are looking for a black SUV. If you have any information about the accident, call Wethersfield police.

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