ANSONIA, CT (WFSB) -- A Connecticut woman is hoping her invention aimed to stop drunk drivers from getting behind the wheel will save lives.

It’s called ‘Sober Touch Sensoring,' and it would put sensors in a steering wheel that, through your pores, could pick up if the driver is intoxicated.

La’Kesha Stines has been working on the invention for a number of years, and is set to go to a conference in Florida to get it out there.

The whole idea goes back to when she was a young child.

“The name, the logo, what it was supposed to do. I jumped up out of my bed and I wrote it down,” Stines said.

When she was young, her godmother was killed by a drunk driver.

“She was nine months pregnant. She was 20 days due from having her daughter and somebody hit my Godmom, he was a drunk driver,” Stines said.

Five years ago, Stines got the ball rolling with a steering wheel that would have sensors on it.

“When you touch the sensors, it’s going to calculate your blood alcohol level through the perspiration, the palm of your hand,” she said.

Since then, the Ansonia mother of six and grandmother to eight has gotten a patent and is working with an engineer to make that dream into a reality.

“He said ‘I’m going to take this idea and I’m going to make it work.’ Not only did he make it work, he did six different models, each car is wired differently, foreign, American, electric,” Stines said.

Now she’s fundraising and looking toward manufacturing, hoping for a 2020 release date.

First, she’s getting her brand out there.

Stines and her invention have been featured in a number of magazines, and she’s also received recognitions from Senator Richard Blumenthal and Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro, along with even getting a key to the city from Ansonia’s mayor.

Later this summer, she’ll head to the Women Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs Pageant in Orlando, Fl.

“It’s endless possibilities, because I know that I’m not giving up and I know that the world needs this,” Stines said. “Right now, it’s about 35 people die a day, with drinking and driving. It’s not a 'me' problem, it’s not a 'you' problem, this is a global problem.”

She said once Sober Touch goes into production, a portion of all sales will go to a foundation to help children who have lost parents to drunk drivers go to college.

To donate to the GoFundMe for the pageant in Florida, click here.

To donate to the GoFundMe for production of Sober Touch Sensoring, click here.

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