Woman repeatedly punched by New Jersey cop at beach


A scuffle between a 20-year-old woman and police exploded on the Wildwood Beach Saturday afternoon.

Video of an officer throwing punches at Emily Weinman was captured by an eyewitness.

"The next thing we know we hear all this commotion and yelling," said Alexis Hewitt, an eyewitness. "I woke up and realized there were officers and everybody running around so I immediately grabbed my phone, it was when I started recording."

Weinman said officers approached her asking about underage drinking.

She wrote a lengthy Facebook post about her side of the story.

She admitted to having an unopened bottle of alcohol.

From there, the situation devolved.

Weinman said she refused to identify herself.

With tensions now up, police, through a news release, said Weinman spit on an officer and kicked another in the groin.

Julia Cortez and Hewitt said they had been napping when all of the sudden it happened.

"We saw her getting hit," Cortez said. "We just saw it all happen firsthand, and people around us were running around and then we saw the other cop come in and try to push us all back."

The city confirmed the two officers were placed on administrative duty while the incident is investigated.

Weinman faces three charges of aggravated assault of an officer.

In a phone interview, the mayor said Weinman was drunk.

Wildwood police asked anyone with footage of the incident to come forward.

The police chief said he is alarmed by the video; however, he won't be rushing to judgment.

As for Weinman, it wasn't unclear what her bail situation was.

She has since deleted her post that called attention to her arrest.

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