Woman's home in Enfield vandalized overnight

A woman in Enfield woke up and quickly realized her home was vandalized overnight. (WFSB)

A woman in Enfield woke up early Sunday morning and quickly realized her home was vandalized overnight.

Police are working to find out who spray painted this longtime resident's garage door and left a trail of paint on the driveway.

There was paint all over the garage doors, siding and driveway. Homeowner Denise Deming said she just wants to know why her house was targeted.

"I've been in this neighborhood for 38 years,” Enfield resident Deming said. “And I would have never thought this would ever happen. Ever."

Deming said woke up early Sunday morning and was excited for a day at the beach. But when she walked outside and immediately noticed there was paint all over her driveway.

"And then when we turned around, it was like, oh no,” Deming said.

When she looked up, Deming said she realized her home in the Green Manor area had been spray-painted and the vandals left behind a disturbing message on her garage doors.

"They're not even a year old and the driveway is not even a month. Just got sealed,” Deming said. “It's kinda devastating."

Denise called police and officers came to her home to check it out.

"There was a bottle on the ground, they picked it up...Took it with them,” Deming said. “They walked around the neighborhood asking questions and if anyone saw anything."

Deming said she does have a camera in the front of her home that's activated by a motion sensor. But, unfortunately, nothing was captured on surveillance video.

All Deming and her family saw was a car backing up.

"Why this house of all the houses on the street? Why this one? It was kinda of shocking to see it,” Deming said.

Deming said she is now hoping police find those responsible, but, in the meantime, she has a message to everyone.

"Make sure you keep your lights on at night, pay attention what's going on around you, listen to noises if you can,” Deming said.

There has been an outpouring of support from this community and countless people have offered to help clean up the home. However, Deming said she is waiting for the insurance company to decide how to move on from here.

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