Woman speaks about rescuing deer from iced-over Farmington River

Eyewitness News caught up with the woman who saved this helpless animal in Simsbury on Monday. (WFSB)

The video of the dramatic deer rescue in Simsbury has been viewed more than 250,000 times on the Channel 3 Facebook page.

Eyewitness News caught up with the woman who saved the day.

A deer was exhausted on Monday morning and got stuck on the iced-over Farmington River after being chased onto the ice by coyotes.

"Nobody wants to see an animal like that suffering,” Kaitlyn Stryeski, who is a naturalist at Roaring Brook Nature Center in Canton, said.

Stryeski rushed to help on Monday. Once she realized the deer couldn't get back to dry land on its own, she went onto the ice. She crawled on all fours to the helpless animal.

"I just put my body around her and stayed as close as I could,” Stryeski said. “And then once I had her in position then everyone else pulled the two of us in."

The technique had a big risk, but came with a big reward.

"It's not something we want anyone to attempt,” Stryeski said. “And also even looking back on it I can see where we maybe could have done things a little differently."

It was a successful team effort to save the deer.

"Anytime you can help a living being in whatever form or fashion, it's always an amazing feeling,” Stryeski said.

The deer was taken to a facility where it was being evaluated. Sadly, on Tuesday, environmental officials said the deer had to be euthanized by a local veterinarian after it was determined the deer was too severely injured to be saved.

Officials said the deer hadn't moved much since being removed from the ice, and suffered a broken shoulder and jaw, among other injuries.

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