SOUTHINGTON, CT (WFSB) - Fruit trees on a Southington homeowner's property are now gone after she says Eversource workers cut them all down.

Eversource has been working in the area, trimming trees that are near power lines.

The stumps on these trees weren't big at all, some smaller than a foot.

This homeowner loves gardening and has planted fruit trees over the years.

Now she has to start from scratch.

Dawn Raudis says she couldn't believe what she saw, or didn't see, when she walked into her own backyard.

“I was like oh my God! They cut down our fruit trees,” Raudis said.

She says at least 7 of her fruit trees were taken down by Eversource recently.

The Southington homeowner says some fruit trees have been there for almost 10 years.

“I have two apple trees back there. A peach tree over there. They cut that down my fruit cocktail trees and the stumps are only this big,” said Raudis.

Eversource crews have been working in the area to trim trees near power lines.

“They came and cut everything down. So now, you can see that house. That house. That house. They took away all the privacy,” said Raudis.

While there were power lines above her property, she said the trees they cut down were not much taller than a swing set.

Raudis says they're all dwarf trees meaning they won't grow past 12 to 14 feet.

Eversource said their trimming cycle is every five years and they sent letters before doing the work.

"This area has many landscaped yards underneath the transmission lines, so in February we sent all the property owners a letter explaining the work that will be done and urged them to call us if there were any concerns," said Frank Poirot, Eversource spokesperson. 

Raudis says she received a letter but it wasn't specific about her fruit trees, just about cutting down brush.

“I think it's wrong. And I think it's an evasion of privacy and they could have asked. I would have just said to top off the trees. They didn't have to cut them down,” said Raudis.

Eversource also said if homeowners expressed concerns, the company could have taken a look and possibly not have cut down those trees. 

Channel 3 has learned from Eversource that they plan on replacing the trees in Raudis's yard. 

"We offer customers a replanting option replacing incompatible trees with compatible tree species," Eversource said.

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