WOODBRIDGE, CT (WFSB) - A dog attacked inside his own home.

It happened in Woodbridge, where animal control officers are not only investigating, but also helping nurse the dog back to health.

Some may find the images disturbing.

Animal control officers in Woodbridge said this dog suffered a vicious attack and they have reason to believe it wasn’t the first time either.

With his tail wagging, “Caymen” curiously checks out the Channel 3 camera, showing just how far he’s come in the last week.

Woodbridge Animal Control Officer Ashley Sakelarakis said last Thursday she was called to a house in town for a dog attack.

When she got there, the homeowner was restraining one of their dogs, while Caymen was cowering in the corner of a garage.

“His mouth was completely bloodied, he had numerous puncture wounds all over his body and on the front left leg, he had just this puncture that ripped open. You saw all the muscles. It was bad,” said Sakelarakis.

He was rushed to the vets, undergoing a 2-hour surgery to treat his 25 puncture wounds.

“A canine tooth was ripped from his jaw and he had muscle and tissue showing on his chest and legs,” Sakelarakis said.

The homeowner ended up surrendering the six-year-old dog to the animal control office, but during their investigation, officers tell us they learned the same dog that attacked Caymen, had previously attacked another family dog.

After hearing that and adding they could also see older wounds on Caymen, they said their investigation is still open.

“We are exploring our legal options at this time,” said Sakelarakis.

As for Caymen, he’s recovering, and this week, started coming out of his shell.

“You just had to talk really soft, move really slow and within the days, he started to wag his tail. It’s the little things that count. He’s wagging his tail now, he’s smiling. He’s amped up his energy,” said Sakelarakis.

For now, their main concern is that he heals up both physically and mentally.

It’s a long process, but down the road he’ll eventually be up for adoption.

Sakelarakis says she’d like to see him go to a home with a fenced in yard, and also in a spot where there are no other dogs, so he gets the attention he deserves.

“He’s still cautious, but he’s definitely gaining some confidence back and its really good to see,” Sakalarakis said.

Woodbridge animal control says with a tight budget they’re always looking for help when it comes to medicine and medical costs needed for rescued dogs like Caymen.

They’re a recognized charity and if you’d like to help, click here.

If you are interested in sending a check, they can be made payable here:

One Big Dog Animal Respite Fund

135 Bradley Road

Woodbridge, CT 06525


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“We are exploring our legal options at this time,”...how about a hanging? really getting tired of animal abusers!!!

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