WOODBURY, CT (WFSB) -- The town of Woodbury is looking to install floodgates on certain roads.

It's been in the works for years, but after what happened to a local state trooper, town leaders want to make sure that doesn't happen again.

Four roads, including two state roads, are being looked at for the floodgates. One of them is Jacks Bridge Road. The river nearby overflowed during Ida's remnants so much that it flooded the whole area. For Woodbury leaders, it's all about keeping people safe.

Woodbury floodgates

The town of Woodbury is looking to install floodgates on certain roads.

On Tuesday, flood damage could still be seen at Three Rivers Park, but Andree Davis saw it in person two weeks ago.

For her, it's a painful memory, particularly because of what happened to CT State Police Sgt. Brian Mohl.

“It happened suddenly for him and I’m sure he would not have been putting himself into that danger if he knew that it was so imminent and he could’ve been in that danger so quickly,” Davis said.

That’s why the town plans to put floodgates in on Jacks Bridge Road and Judson Avenue, two flood prone areas.

Emergency Management Director David Lampart, who's applying for a FEMA grant to cover 75 percent of the costs, said drivers often ignore and drive through road closures.

“It’s dangerous and people just don’t understand it. We’ve had cars go off the road here in flooding, and we’ve been lucky until now,” Lampart said.

The gates will be designed so that when closed, no one will be able to drive through or around them.

They’ll also have reflective materials and LED lights on them. All town emergency officials will also have keys that can lock them.

First Selectman Barbara Perkinson said the town hasn't stopped grieving since Sgt. Mohl died.

She hopes this makes sure it doesn't happen to anyone else.

“This has been looked at for a number of years and I think this now, with the amount of rain that we’ve had, this just pushed the issue to the forefront again,” Perkinson said.

No homes in town will be blocked in where the gates are proposed to be. With the two state roads, the town is trying to get the Dept. of Transportation greenlight on putting floodgates there.

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