NEW HAVEN, CT (WFSB) - A historic moment for Yale University in New Haven.

Bayan Galal

Bayan Galal is Yale University's first-ever Muslim student body president.

The Ivy League institution elected its first-ever Muslim student body president.

Bayan Galal is the sister of Channel 3’s Ayah Galal.

After Eyewitness News broadcast the story earlier this week, many viewers reached out asking to see Ayah Galal interview her.

Ayah Galal took a trip to New Haven to chat with her little sister about her new role.

For the first time in 320 years, the institution has elected a Muslim as student body president.

Bayan Galal is also the college’s first Arab American and hijabi to be elected in this role.

They spoke about why she decided to run.

“I think the role of student body president is one where you’re uniquely situated to advocate for the student body and especially advocate for marginalized communities on campus,” Bayan Galal explained. “So, I felt that especially in the wake of the pandemic, this was an incredibly important time to step up, to run for this role and see what I can do for the Yale student body. What results I could deliver and how I could better the school in my time here.”

Bayan Galal knows first-hand that there’s a lot misunderstandings and misconceptions about Muslims and Islam.

She said the historic moment means a lot for Muslims at Yale, across the state, across the country and across the globe.

“I think it’s a really exciting and pivotal moment for Muslims right now,” Bayan Galal said. “Especially on Yale’s campus. I think without a doubt, Yale is a place that wasn’t originally made for Muslims and other underrepresented and marginalized communities and I think having a student body president that comes from one of those backgrounds is incredibly important because it means that we’re moving in the right direction, we’re moving in a direction where not only do we have Muslim students and other underrepresented minorities on campus but they’re in positions and roles where they can advocate for others and thrive in a really exciting way.”

Bayan Galal put a lot of thought into her policies and her initiatives. She explained her vision for Yale.

“I think ultimately, the vision is to have individual and collective well-being at Yale,” she said. “I think while Yale is an incredible place, there is a lot of difficulties that students still face here and my vision for Yale is that we address all of the different needs of students at once.”

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