Santa Ana, CA (KCAL/KCBS) -- Police say the burglar who ran off with the senior lemur at the Santa Ana Zoo last summer has been identified.

Quinn Kasbar, 19, allegedly stole 32-year-old Isaac — the oldest lemur in North America.

Kasbar is the same man charged in dozens of burglaries in his hometown Newport Beach.

Until recently, a video outside of a Newport Beach hotel was the only solid clue detectives had.

The video appears to show a man in a hoodie dropping off a box — inside was the endangered primate and a note saying “this belongs to the Santa Ana Zoo. It was taken last night. Please bring it to police.”

“They got information that he was bragging to an individual that he had committed that burglary and taken a lemur and there was evidence that proved that fact,” said Corp. Anthony Bertagna, Santa Ana Police Department.

Investigators from Newport Beach say they’ve solved the burglary case and passed it on to Santa Police police who are sharing now with federal officials.

Isaac the lemur is an endangered species.

“Unfortunately for him, he took an endangered animal and now he’s going to have to pay the price,” said Bertagna.

But it’s not the only crime Kasbar has been linked to, officials say.

Stolen belongings from burglaries on Balboa Island, Corona del Mar and Newport Beach were allegedly taken by Kasbar.

Photos were found on his phone, police say, of items that were never recovered.

Kasbar will appear next month in state court in Newport Beach on the string of burglary charges.

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