ST. PAUL, Minn. (Meredith) -- Package theft isn’t uncommon this time of year.

One Minnesota woman found herself the victim of a porch pirate, and got a snarky note from the thief further rubbing salt in the wound.

Hilary Smith bought a Christmas gift for her boss, but when she returned home to retrieve it, she was surprised to find it missing, with a note left in its place.

"I looked down and there was a piece of notebook paper folded neatly on the top step where the package probably should have been,” she said. “So I picked it up, read it, it basically was a thank you note for letting me steal your package."

She couldn’t believe the words she read, written by “the new owner of your package.”

"I do appreciate a nicely crafted thank you note but this is ridiculous,” she said. “I was angry and confused and quite flabbergasted that somebody would actually leave a thank you note when they steal a package."

She posted the note on social media where it quickly gained steam and gained the attention of the St. Paul police.

"It's something we've never seen before and I don't know what to chalk it up to it's so unheard of," Sgt. Mike Ernster said.

The police department wonders if others got a note, and have asked people to report any thefts.

"So we want people to report the crimes as they occur so that we can keep track of them and hopefully solve them," Ernster said.

Smith hopes her new “decoy” package will attract the “brazen and arrogant” porch-pirate.

"That's a little gift from my dog," Smith said.

She also hopes her warning will stop thieves and help keep others from having their holiday ruined.

"Just making sure we raise awareness that this is really happening and I don't want people to have their holiday season wrecked to have something big stolen from them," she said.

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