NEW HAVEN, CT (WFSB) - State police are investigating an officer-involved shooting that happened early Tuesday morning in New Haven.

It happened in the area of Dixwell Avenue and Argyle Street.

According to New Haven police, Hamden police were investigating a possible armed street robbery in Hamden around 4:20 a.m. Tuesday.

While police were looking for the robbery suspect, they located the suspected vehicle in the area of Argyle Street and Dixwell Avenue in New Haven.

A Channel 3 viewer shared surveillance video of the officer-involved shooting Tuesday morning.

In the video, it shows the officer pull up next to the suspected vehicle and get out of the car.

He almost immediately starts firing his weapon.

Police said the officer started firing shots because the person inside the car hopped out and turned towards officers.

"The officers attempted to make contact with the driver, the suspected individual who attempted the armed robbery. That individual exited the vehicle in an abrupt manner and officers engaged in gunfire," said CT State Trooper Josue Dorelus.

A 22-year-old female suffered non-life threatening injuries and is expected to be okay.

"He shot about 8 to 9 times into the car," said Michael Donoforio, an eyewitness. 

Channel 3 asked state police if the officer was following protocol. 

"The suspected party exited the vehicle in an abrupt manner, turned toward officers, at which point, officers fired at least one round at the suspect," Dorelus said.

No members of the New Haven Police Department were involved, officers said.

According to state police, officers from both Hamden and Yale fired shots on the scene. 

State police said no weapon was found in the car and they're investigating why a Hamden officer crossed city lines. 

"It's under investigation, internal affairs investigation will be conducted. We'll have to wait on the outcome of that," said Interim Chief John Cappiello, Hamden Police Department. 

The officers involved have not been named, but are on administrative leave.

A male was arrested on the scene in connection with what happened. His identity and charges were not released.

The state police major crime squad has taken over the investigation.

In a statement on Tuesday, New Haven Mayor Toni Harp said "No member of the New Haven Police Department was involved in last night’s shooting incident; New Haven Police officers arrived after-the-fact to help secure and hold the crime scene, allowing investigators from the Connecticut State Police Major Crimes Unit to gather evidence and begin their investigation. At the same time, I remain gravely concerned about what transpired. I called the mother of the young woman who was shot to express my concern and wish the young woman a thorough recovery, and I pledged to work with my counterpart in Hamden and police officials from all three jurisdictions to ascertain exactly what happened, so we can work to avoid it happening again. A conference call to include Mayor Leng, all three police chiefs, and me is scheduled for Wednesday morning to continue the conversation about how this happened and how to prevent anything like it from happening again.”

Some in New Haven were taken aback by the immediacy of the officer firing shots.

Several church leaders from New Haven marched to the scene, crossing police tape to demand answers on Tuesday afternoon.

On Tuesday evening, more than 100 people shut down Dixwell Avenue before taking protests to the scene of the shooting in New Haven. 

Cappiello was at the protest and he said he has not seen other angles of the surveillance footage and doesn't know if they exist. 

"I'm going to wait for the investigation to go through the proper channels," said Cappiello. 

Cappiello said all of the footage has been turned over to the state's attorney's office and they're handling the investigation. 

The mother of the man inside the car spoke to Channel 3. 

"Thankful to be alive. I'm praying for that girl's family and I'm praying that she makes it because my son loved that girl," the mother said. 

His mother wouldn't give her name, but said her son is terrified. 

"It's my son who's scared to death right now with his daughter," the mother said. 

Many people protesting grew impatience and frustrated, wanting action now. 

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Why is it that they make more of a fuss when an officer shoots a criminal than when a criminal shoots an officer or a little child gets caught in the crossfire, as in Chicago,where 30-40 young people are gunned down by their own neighbors weekly?


It's called "tribalism" something we need to break part apart and get rid of. It's 2019 and people are still thinking in archaic ways.

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