Jerk Chicken Sushi Rolls with Mango Chutney and Freshly Shaved GingerFrom Chef Jay Lewis at Thyme KitchenIngredients: 6oz. mild pulled jerk chicken 1 cup fully cooked jasmine rice 1 fresh mango, peeled fresh ginger root, peeled 6oz. mango chutney small bowl of water for your handsEquipment: Sushi Rolling Pad plastic wrapDirections:First, you must have some leftover jerk chicken. This usually works out for me because jerk chicken happens to be my wife's favorite late night snack so I always have some around for good measure! For this recipe I actually like it pulled apart like pulled pork or beef. Anyway, get yourself some, pull it apart and have it ready in a bowl next to your sushi rolling pad.Jasmine rice is VERY sticky. Cook it in a pot as directed on the package without any salt in the water so that the starchy sticky-ness really takes hold. Allow the rice to cool and get cold in the fridge then place in a bowl and have ready by the sushi rolling pad. We can also slice our peeled mango into thin strips as well use a potato peeler to shave some fresh ginger. Place the shaved ginger in some sugar water to keep it hydrated and sweeten it a little.Now we can simply execute our roll. This is an art form so it may not come out perfectly at first; I know it didn't with me. But once you get used to rolling with your pad it's actually tons of fun and very healthy! First, lets tear off a sheet of the plastic wrap and place it on the rolling pad. Next we can lay down a layer of rice with a wooden spoon. I like to go a bit thicker than the classic sushi roll because the pulled jerk chicken and mango are a bit heavier and perhaps bulkier than the classic sushi ingredients. A good roll should be about 4-5 inches wide when you lay out the rice before rolling. Now about an inch from the beginning of the roll line up some of that delicious jerk chicken and a sliced mango! At this point, it's all about practice. My advice is just to go for it. Start rolling. Roll it slowly but tightly. Don't be afraid to be firm handed so that the sticky jasmine rice can mold properly. After you roll back the pad and CAREFULLY unwrap the plastic you should be left with a fairly well formed sushi-like roll. Here is where the bowl of water comes in. The rice is super sticky but you can handle it rather easily by wetting your hands in some ordinary tap water. With a sharp knife, carefully cut the roll into those all-to-familiar sushi bites. Hopefully the knife is very sharp and you can make clean cuts but if not, simply wet your hands and gently mend the edges as needed. Sit the rolls up on their side so that the beautiful chicken and mango are visible from the top and now garnish with a small bit of the sweet mango chutney and a piece of shaved ginger! #cheflife

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