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‘Connie the Whale’ at The Children's Museum (WFSB)

On Thursday, Channel 3 headed to West Hartford for another installment of 20 Towns in Twenty Days.

West Hartford has been part of the state for more than 160 years, and is also home of the American School for the Deaf and it’s the birth place of Noah Webster.

West Hartford is known for its many restaurants, but one local eatery has withstood the test of time.

It is older than Channel 3, and is one of the oldest restaurants in all of Connecticut.

A.C. Petersen’s was born in 1914 by Andrew Petersen, who emigrated from Denmark.

He started a farm, which later supplied food for the restaurant he opened in 1939.

The art deco landmark is still standing, and thriving nearly 80 years later

Jette Fischer also came from Denmark and has worked at A.C. Petersen’s for decades.

“It’s like home and it is like home to a lot of West Hartford people,” Fischer said.

Just ask its customers.

“It's a great atmosphere. Staff is definitely attentive. Always good vibes when I come here,” said Chris Williams.

Open 7 days a week, Petersen's has everything, but is known for its treats, some made with secret recipes dating back generations.

After feeling like a whale, Channel 3 headed to another West Hartford icon, ‘Connie the Whale’ at The Children's Museum.

A big attraction at The Children's Museum is the reptile exhibit including an alligator and a python named Stanley found in the basement of a home in New Britain, much to the shock of the homeowner.

The constrictor is not indigenous to Connecticut, but a black rat snake spotted there is. His name is Arron and herpetologist Sara Horwitz called him adorable.

“They do end up in people's yards a lot especially in areas where there are a lot of barns. They go up in roofs and I definitely get calls from people to get them out of their garages. Harmless snake but largest snake in Connecticut,” she said.

It takes special people to keep that The Children's Museum going.

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