Two Upstate doctors want to make sure those who died because of COVID-19 are honored properly. Brookely Cromer spoke with the doctors about "Mourning America". (4/10/2020)

GREENVILLE, S.C, (FOX Carolina) - Two South Carolina doctors are helping families remember loved ones who have passed away from the Coronavirus, by launching a website which allows people to pay tribute to family members. 

Greenville-based doctors, Rebecca Heiss and Dermot Jevens said they wanted to put a name to a number by giving victims a voice and a place where loved ones can share their stories.

Heiss and Jevens launched two weeks ago, and already have 325 names listed on the website.

"There is this massively rising number that just seems to keep growing and growing and growing on the TV screen, and in reality, that number represents real people out there and real lives," Dr. Dermot Jevens said.
Mourning America website

Mourning America website

Since public and private memorial services are being restricted, the couple decided to start an online community for people to mourn family members lost due to COVID-19.

”We know grieving without a family and without a community is so difficult," Dr. Rebecca Heiss said, "These are the most difficult times that people can experience and now you’re experiencing it isolated.”

The website is free to any user and allows families to share stories and pictures of loved ones who have passed away.

“If they’ve lost a loved one they can very easily bring a picture to the website and upload their story and then, friends and family can come along and share their stories," Dr. Jevens said.
We have the link to the website below. You can also follow the project on Facebook and on Instagram.

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