Your Child Can Flourish With ACES

ACES Helen Doron Academy

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A Bilingual English and Spanish Preschool, The Helen Doron teaching and learning methods are based on years of experience and knowledge. Our focus on making learning fun, small groups, background hearing, and positive reinforcement have been tested over time. Every class is designed with various activities to cater to every learning style. Our unique learning materials feature original stories, songs, and animations to make learning joyful and inspiring.

Watch Your Child Flourish

  • Joyful educational experience in which children are encouraged to explore their full range of abilities and potential.
  • Learning goes beyond the classroom to support personal development and is focused on the individual.
  • Physical, mental and emotional support for your child’s optimal development.
  • Healthy, nutritious food is served, promoting peak growth of brain cells, nerves, and tissues, improving their memory and intelligence.
  • Best education, and the most nurturing environment for your child’s multifaceted development.
  • Improving children’s social and communication skills and growing up to become contributing citizens.

More than Language. Values for Life.

Our programs work because they are designed by a specialized team of linguistic and pedagogic experts. Beyond teaching bilingual Spanish and English, the courses teach essential values, life lessons, and how to become better world citizens.