TruthFinder Review: The Best Background Check Service of 2023

TruthFinder Review: The Best Background Check Service of 2023
TruthFinder Review: The Best Background Check Service of 2023(WFSB)

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With the use of search engines, social media platforms, and other online resources for doing background checks, it is presently less complicated than at any other time before to locate a person with just a little amount of identifying information. One of the top background check companies on the market is TruthFinder.

The benefits and drawbacks of this open records search engine will be covered in this TruthFinder review. Since TruthFinder has among the lowest fees, the greatest reputation for accurate results, and the quickest record searches, we rank it as the top background check website. It offers every aspect a trustworthy background check service should have.



Is TruthFinder Legit?

Before investing your money in TruthFinder, we are aware that you would like to be completely certain that it’s effective. Or maybe you're just interested in TruthFinder's efficacy. After all, it’s rather a big statement to claim that you would have quick access to data that may be shocking about practically anybody.

However, we're here to tell you that TruthFinder is, in fact, what it claims to be (and that is evident from the reviews of TruthFinder!).

TruthFinder is a reputable company. Learn what information may be obtained in a TruthFinder report, how our service works, and ways to look for information that isn’t readily available on Google by reading this article further.

Finding individuals online is made easier by TruthFinder, a company that has been operating since 2015. You have access to public data via this service, including social media accounts, background checks on your employment and academic history, automobile records, and criminal records.

You may use the mobile app if you cannot access a computer.


  • Protecting one's privacy using robust security procedures
  • Versatile membership options
  • Easy to use
  • Highly accurate results


  • Fails to provide free trials or a free report

Right now, TruthFinder is the greatest choice for carrying out any sort of search involving a person, including reverse phone lookups, background checks, email searches, and even simple searches.

In light of the relevance of the information at hand, you must only work with a provider of background checks that have been evaluated and certified by an impartial third party. 

To find out what you have been missing, use TruthFinder right now.



TruthFinder Review: What Can You Do With It?

TruthFinder may be used in a number of circumstances. It’s easy to use, and the fundamental components ensure ongoing anonymity. If you need to locate someone but do not want them to know you're searching for them, this is helpful.

Here are just a handful of the many justifications for why TruthFinder is the greatest website for background checks.

Comprehensive Background Reports

Sifting among millions of public records to obtain the most basic information on a person may be demanding in terms of both time and effort if you need to locate a nanny, join a carpool, or make a good impression at work.

There is little question that TruthFinder is one of the best tools available for studying the history of anybody. It is just necessary to have a person's name, e-mail address, or mobile number in order to get information on them that is available to the public.

The following examples illustrate the types of information that might be obtained via background checks:

  • Accounts on social media
  • Documents pertaining to criminal activity and traffic violations
  • Contact information
  • Potential housemates, pals, and relatives as well as other connections to hang out with
  • Birth and death record
  • Job and educational background

After utilizing TruthFinder, it's conceivable that you'll feel more at ease while pursuing a person you aren't familiar with. You may also verify your own details to see what information is existing and is accessible through the internet right now. The information in the background checks is given in a simple and understandable manner.

Discover a Person’s Criminal History

On the website, you may check criminal histories to get this information.

  • A brief summary of what happened
  • Where the crime and arrest took place
  • The nature of the charge
  • The incident's timing and date
  • Name of the court and case number

You may also find out whether an individual is a sex offender if you want to. Users of the TruthFinder app may also learn where other sexual offenders are in a certain locality.

This might be a really useful tool when relocating with children to a different school and area. When parents are made aware of any possible dangers, it’s likely that they will have an increased sense of calm.



Re-establish Family Connections

It's common knowledge that relationships inside the family may be difficult. It’s possible that with the aid of TruthFinder, you may be able to discover long-lost relatives. Utilizing the "Find My Family" option on our website makes it simple to identify individuals who may be related to you, irrespective of how far away they may be.

You could, for instance, desire to reestablish communication with a contentious aunt in private. There is a possibility that a distant second cousin detached from your family tree has disappeared without a trace or leaving a contact number. You won't need to be concerned about nosy neighbors or reignited resentments while using TruthFinder.

The following is a testimonial provided by a satisfied customer about the Find My Family service provided by TruthFinder: "When my adopted friend sought to get in contact with her wider biological family, TruthFinder was incredibly helpful."

In spite of the fact that she had a contentious connection with her biological parents, she pursued her search for other relatives in her family by attempting to get their contact information. The idea for developing such a tool first came about in just the type of scenario that you described.

Reconnect With Old Friends

It is now simpler than ever to contact long-lost acquaintances and family members thanks to social media, yet many individuals still don't have accounts or do not use them often. You may search for them for as long as you like and yet not locate them. Again, TruthFinder may be quite helpful in this situation.

You may find folks and evaluate whether they’re the kind of people you want to get in contact with using our public records search tool. Check the database to discover whether they have made any transformations or lived any lifestyles you would not really approve of before you get in touch with them.

In addition, if you begin following a person on social media by adding them as a friend on Facebook or following them on Instagram, they will become more visible to you and they will be aware of your search for them. Use TruthFinder to evaluate your options and choose the best one.

Strengthened Sense of Security

You secure the doors with locks, get to know the parents of your kids' classmates and watch to see whether everything is okay when they arrive home from school.

Additionally, you could own precious items that you want to make sure are safeguarded in the case of your death. Everyone is genuinely concerned about the safety of the neighborhood they call home.

Use TruthFinder to familiarize yourself with your immediate neighbors and gauge how secure you will feel in the region if you’re moving to a different neighborhood or if you have acquired some new neighbors.



Know Your Date

There is no such thing as being too careful given how much the dating landscape has evolved. The next obvious step is to schedule a face-to-face encounter when you connect with someone online.  It’s essential for you and your date to have a good time while out of town while also feeling secure and at peace.

Before you ever meet your prospective date, you may discover a lot about them with the help of TruthFinder. Before you ever meet your prospective date, TruthFinder helps you learn as much as possible about them and their background.

You may look into someone's criminal background before you start a romantic relationship with them. If your date has regularly relocated or has ever used a moniker, they could not be who they claim they are on their profile.

Being aware of the solutions to these questions gives TruthFinder an advantage. You'll be more prepared and have more to discuss before the date becomes awkward.

Improve Your Online Reputation

The person-finding powers of TruthFinder operate both ways: they can connect you with others, however, they can also accomplish the same thing for you. You should make sure your information is as accurate and upbeat as you can since anybody may find it with a simple search.

You have the option to decide what content about yourself is made public, even if data placed online could always be accessible.

Most of us have changed in some manner since we all published our first Facebook status update 10 years ago. You may be able to find and delete out-of-date or humiliating web information with the aid of TruthFinder.

Use TruthFinder if you're seeking work and want to clean your name. Check the data's correctness and search for omitted historical references. An analogy would be to get a regular credit report and make a few modest changes to it.



TruthFinder Features

Dark Web Scan

People do not want any of their information to be found on the dark web because it is unsettling. Due to the abundance of material on the dark web, many want to check that their data is not already present there.

Fortunately, they can do that by utilizing TruthFinder's Dark Web Scan. This feature was created to help people identify the extent to which they have experienced identity theft or if any of their private details have already been breached in any way.

Even as the world continues to be increasingly linked through the world wide web and everything shifts to a digital format, identity theft is a real concern that people are going to take into account. It now poses a serious danger to the data that people store about themselves and their life.

Thankfully, TruthFinder created this feature particularly to help people. Users may also target their dark web searches on certain areas of their own private information, giving them greater control over the outcomes.

You may be able to find your information using this efficient search technique. The many options include the following:

  • Particulars about the means through which one may make contact
  • Cards, including credit and debit cards
  • Identifiers given to numbers connected with bank accounts
  • A number to call on the phone
  • A current and legitimate driver's license
  • The passport number
  • The phone number that should be used
  • Personal medical files of each patient
  • The number that is connected to social security
  • Cards that may be used either for membership or for retail

When investigating the deep web, TruthFinder will look at information from a wide variety of sources, such as websites, feeds from social media chat rooms, online forums, file-sharing sites, and many more. Anyone concerned about the safety of their data may benefit from this exhaustive investigation.

TruthFinder Customer Support 

TruthFinder provides good customer care, yet it's possible that the support team is on call for a longer amount of time. Only on weekdays from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Pacific Time will you be able to speak with a live representative?

Customers nevertheless get a full twelve hours of assistance each and every weekday, which is more than what is offered by other organizations that are relatively similar, notwithstanding the fact that this isn’t ideal.

Although TruthFinder does not provide support on the weekends or at night, it does include a frequently asked questions (FAQ) section with highly useful information and answers.

There is a good chance that the answers to your questions may be discovered in that part; if that is the case, you won't even have to get in contact with customer care since you'll find all you need there.



Safety and Security With TruthFinder

Maintaining a high degree of safety and security is crucial when working with a website like TruthFinder that has access to a considerable quantity of sensitive information. The fact that TruthFinder does well in this aspect is promising.

Every single piece of data that they transfer over the network is encrypted. This makes it possible to ensure the security of the data they hold on you as a customer.

In addition, TruthFinder constantly scans the website for any potential criminal activity, such as hackers, since they have access to a lot of information. This not only helps to ensure that consumer data is kept private, but it also helps to prevent unwanted hackers from changing it.

To put it another way, TruthFinder takes security measures to guarantee both the security of your data and the veracity and accuracy of the information it provides.

Reverse Phone Lookup

Anyone who is interested in learning just who owns a specific phone number might do so by using the "reverse phone" feature.

This feature constantly ranks as among the most important features on the list because users often get phone calls from unknown numbers. When this happens, you may wish to find out who the owner is.

TruthFinder can do this operation since it has the ability to look up phone numbers in public records. Users won't need to supply any other information save their phone number, reducing the complexity of the service and making it easier to use in terms of discovering the owner.

The owner's name and any other identities or aliases they might be using may be included in the search results.

Moreover, you have the option to see a photo of the individual. Not to mention, they will also get a list of names of people who previously had that phone number.

Each piece of this detail might be helpful to those who want to know who is calling them and perhaps why.



TruthFinder Reviews From Real Users – Is TruthFinder Legit?

To save you time, we read through a ton of TruthFinder reviews on the internet to discover what individual persons thought of the service based on their own experiences. This will assist you in getting a reliable response to your inquiry about TruthFinder's legitimacy and effectiveness.

TruthFinder user testimonials from SiteJabber

TruthFinder has received a 4.5/5 rating from more than 300 users of Consumer Affairs

According to the Better Business Bureau, TruthFinder offers outstanding customer care and trustworthy information. This is supported by the glowing testimonials on the business' website.

Although some users have criticized the site for having too many adverts, others have given it high marks. The popularity and dependability of the background check service TruthFinder have propelled it to the top of our ranking.


TruthFinder Cost

Many individuals query if TruthFinder is cost-free to utilize. A simple no is a response. The background check service TruthFinder is of the highest caliber. It costs money but provides very accurate findings.

Here is the price of TruthFinder:

The monthly fee for TruthFinder's People Search package is $28.05. Reverse Phone Lookup costs $4.99 per month, and Reverse Email Lookup costs $29.73 per month. You must spend $3.99 as just a one-time cost if you wish the report files to be downloaded. The extra fee for scanning the dark web is $2.99 per month.



How to Understand TruthFinder Pricing 

TruthFinder is really challenging to comprehend when it comes to costs. Your only choice is to attempt to do a background check and thereafter wait a few minutes until your report is generated if you want to see how much the service costs.

There's no other way to get this knowledge. Then, right before you can see the report you requested, a pricing page will be shown. Unfortunately, this is the norm, exemplified by the fact that companies like Instant Checkmate also disclose their pricing using this technique.

In order to utilize TruthFinder, you are required to join a subscription plan on a monthly basis rather than paying a fee for an individual background check. Through the use of this membership, access will be granted to an unending supply of reports. Your out-of-pocket costs will come to $28.05, which is equivalent to $46.56 for the duration of the plan, bringing the total to $23.28 each month.

The TruthFinder website is also made to sometimes provide bargains that are only available to a select few, including things like access to five different reports for the price of one or a single report that does not need a membership. (The most current offer was shown after the conclusion of our test search and the closing of the browser page).

The fact that the business does not provide a yearly plan with a price reduction alternatively, the choice to simply pay for a single report once at a time is one of the ways in which it falls short as a provider of these services.


Alternatives to TruthFinder

There are several internet services you may use with the purpose of learning more about a buddy, coworker, or acquaintance. We have investigated various TruthFinder alternatives and have included them below to assist you to find exactly what you're searching for.


Background checks are expertly performed by Intelius, which started offering its services in 2003. This program is similar to TruthFinder in that it allows users to research a person's past, including their criminal history, family lineage, and demographic data.

Using the website's search engines, you may find everything there, from comprehensive criminal records to contact information and everything in between. There are a number of parallels between Intelius and Instant Checkmate, including the following:

  • You may purchase a report or search results from Intelius for as low as $0.95. The more comprehensive plan's premium is logical, but both plans' monthly premiums are fair
  • Both companies provide phone numbers and e-mail addresses for contacting customer service. Even though Intelius ranks highest for customer service, both businesses may respond to your email in 24 hours
  • On either service, you may check for someone's family members, home, and public records. You should anticipate the same outcomes from both services since they make use of the same resources

You may learn more about your own background or the background of anybody else who is important to you by using the search tools provided by Intelius. Read this Intelius review to find out more about this background check service.




PeopleFinders makes it easier to find data that is already accessible to the public since it indexes more than a billion public papers. Without investing any money, you may find individuals quickly and easily.

You may locate anyone's contact details, including their telephone number and address, by searching public records.

PeopleFinders could ask you a few things to assist in focusing your search. The answer "I don't know" is acceptable, but further details are needed to carry out a specific search.

  • Apple and Google smartphone users may download app versions
  • PeopleFinders is the ideal choice for doing a precise search



Instant Checkmate

Using the background check service Instant Checkmate, you may look up details on individuals. The services offered by Instant Checkmate and TruthFinder do vary in a few ways, though:

  • Data sources: While Instant Checkmate uses public records and social media as its primary data sources, TruthFinder draws its information from the government archives, social networking sites, and other public records
  • Accuracy: When compared to Instant Checkmate, TruthFinder is renowned for offering more precise and recent info
  • Compared to Instant Checkmate, TruthFinder is more costly
  • Capabilities: While Instant Checkmate delivers fundamental background checks and data from public records, TruthFinder adds extra aspects including criminal histories, arrest histories, and much more

Last but not least, each service has advantages and disadvantages, and whichever is ideal for you will rely on your individual requirements and financial constraints.



Things To Consider Before Using a Background Check Service

The benefits of using a reputable background check agency are many. It used to be impossible and costly to check one's criminal past or that of a prospective client. It’s apparent how convenient it is to have quick data access.

TruthFinder may be used to find out more about a new friend as well as to look into your own and your loved ones' pasts. A person's address, mobile number, and maybe even down to the names of their family members might all be found by doing an internet search for them.

There is a reason why the majority of services will provide you the choice of sharing your data with the provider because of the availability of people searching techniques like background check services. Identifying opt-out status might be challenging.

This may be advantageous for you, however, since some firms grant their staff members the freedom to restore their internet reputation at any time.


Final Thoughts on TruthFinder Review

With the aid of TruthFinder, you may do a more thorough investigation on the individuals you’re interested in. Whether you have inquiries about a previous spouse or you just wish to know who received a promotion that you were not given, the information on this website may be able to answer your questions and relieve your concerns.

Since people-finding search engines can be utilized for free on desktops and laptops, notebooks, tablets, and cellphones, It's no longer necessary to have a system for maintaining public documents.

Among the few websites with a smartphone app that makes it easier to obtain data from social sites is TruthFinder. 

Because the results of each search are kept secret and anonymous, it’s unnecessary to be afraid about being discovered. If you have not already done so, now is the moment to download the TruthFinder app.



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