Teams push to Qualify for the 2023 CDL World Championship as CDL Major V Qualifiers conclude this Weekend

OpTic Texas stands on the CDL Mainstage.
OpTic Texas stands on the CDL Mainstage.(OpTic Gaming)
Published: May. 19, 2023 at 5:54 PM EDT
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(Gray News) - The final Major of the Call of Duty League is almost upon us and poses the last chance for some teams to make it to the World Championship in June. Teams are finishing up the Major V qualifiers this weekend, with a few trying to scrounge up as many CDL points as possible before the end of the regular season. These final chances at CDL points are pertinent because, so far, only five teams have guaranteed themselves a trip to the CDL World Championship in Las Vegas this summer. The top eight spots in the final season standings after Major V will be invited to Las Vegas, so several teams are still jockeying to solidify their invite.

Every Major awards CDL points alongside the considerable monetary prize pool that is more often discussed following any Grand Finals. But it’s important to note that Winners also take home a total of 65 CDL points, while teams finishing in second place get 50 points. Each subsequent team is awarded ten fewer points than the team above them. Any team will agree that having a shot at that many CDL points in one fell swoop is excellent, but they will also say that qualifiers are just as important.

Each qualifier match is worth ten CDL points, so a second-place finish in any Major garners as many points as winning every qualifier match leading up to that Major. OpTic Texas, for example, was undefeated in their qualifier stage for Major IV, going 5-0 and gaining 50 CDL points in the process. They then went on to finish second in that Major, granting them another 50 CDL points, meaning they had earned a total of 100 points over the entirety of Major IV.

This is far from the norm that should be expected from any team. But paralleling schoolwork, where tests, like a Major, do count for a lot, homework, like qualifiers, can also add up to a significant portion of the final grade when all is said and done.

With teams finishing up Major V qualifiers this weekend, who must complete their final homework assignments to best set themselves up for a top-eight finish this season? Currently, Minnesota RØKKR sits in the eighth place position, with Vegas Legion close behind them in ninth place. Only ten CDL points separate them, so RØKKR needs to win their final two qualifier matches to widen the gap, while Legion needs to win their final qualifier match to remain within striking distance. The worst-case scenario for Legion is that they fall 30 points behind; best case, they become tied for the eighth place position going into Major V. At the Major, both teams just have to hope they outplace the other to secure their invite to the Championship.

Florida Mutineers are in tenth place currently with two qualifier matches left to play, but they trail Legion by 50 points. So for them to remotely have a chance at ending the season in the top eight, they will need to win their final qualifier matches and finish at least second in Major V. Mutineers would also have to rely on Legion and RØKKR losing all of their remaining series this season.

As for the teams that have already begun their travel plans to Vegas in June, OpTic Texas continues to look unstoppable. OpTic is undefeated so far in the Major V qualifier and is once again in an excellent position to finally win a Major this season. They finished second in both Major III and IV, with Major III being more notable in terms of the sheer grit they showed to make it to the Grand Final in front of their home crowd. They currently sit second in the season standings, miles ahead of third, and knocking on the door of first.

Atlanta FaZe holds the top spot thanks to their insane consistency in qualifiers and Majors. They won Major II and placed third in every other Major this season. They’ve made themselves the boogeyman of the CDL as teams have come to realize that the Tiny Terrors of Tyler ‘aBeZy’ Pharris, McArthur ‘Cellium’ Jovel, and Chris ‘Simp’ Lehr always show up ready to stomp anyone out.

The last three teams starting to include prep for the World Championship in their daily routine are Toronto Ultra, Los Angeles Thieves, and New York Subliners. Each of these teams won a Major this season, so their standings are well-deserved. However, the Thieves stand out due to their unique opportunity to win back-to-back World Championships.

Major V is set to be the final battleground for those hovering around this season’s championship cut line. It is also the ultimate chance for the only team in the top 5 without a Major win, OpTic Texas, to prove they can cross the finish line.

To watch all of the end-of-season CDL action over the coming weeks, tune into the official Call of Duty Twitch stream or their Youtube Channel. If you prefer to watch alongside ex-pros and content creators, tune into Scump’s Watch Party on his Twitch Channel.

Qualifiers are taking place this weekend, starting at 3 PM every day, and Major V starts May 25th and will go until the evening of May 28th.

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