App helps CT residents clear their driveways of snow

An app is helping you get your driveway cleared of snow. (WFSB)

A Connecticut app developer is tapping into the $20 billion snow clearing industry.

The app is called SnoHub and Channel 3 looked into how it’s connecting homeowners with plow drivers.

Grabbing a shovel on the way out is understandably not Plainville resident Debbie Isaacs’ favorite.

“Going out to do the driveway before heading out to work is not something I look forward to doing,” Isaacs said.

But to make it easier for her and other homeowners, James Albis of Ridgefield developed an app called SnoHub.

“It’s an on-demand snow clearing app,” Albis said. “You’ll be able to track the driver to your home. It’s cashless. Meaning people can only pay through the app.”

The app explains the cost. For a driveway up to 100 feet, it starts at $60 and the price can actually go up depending on any other services you may want to add.

To use the app, there has to be a minimum of three inches of snow. The plow contractor takes before and after photos for customer satisfaction.

Right now, the demand for plow drivers is big. SnoHub is at about 6,000 downloads with only 1,500 contractors.

“We’ve got thousands of customers and we’d love to onboard you as quickly as possible,” Albis said.

Interested contractors have to go through a thorough background check. As for the homeowner, the app itself is free to download.

“I have to go to work regardless of whether it’s snowing or not so if I have help to do the driveway that’s great because I’m usually coordinating getting something ready for the kids getting them ready for school you know,” Isaacs said.

Since expanding the SnoHub app from Philadelphia to Boston, the app developer expects to reach 30,000 downloads this winter.

To download the SnoHub app, click here.

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