From Meteorologist Scot Haney in the Channel 3 Early Warning Forecast Center…

***A WINTER STORM WATCH is in effect for Northern CT, while a WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY is in effect for the rest of the state from Saturday afternoon through Sunday morning***

Today, 1/17/20: Sunny, breezy and colder.  High: 27 inland, 29 shore.  Wind Chill: 5-15!

Tonight:  Mostly clear to partly cloudy.

Saturday:  Cloudy with snow by mid-afternoon.  The snow transitions to a mix, then rain from late evening into the early overnight hours before ending.  Low: 10.  High: 33 inland, 36 shore. 

Sunday: A mix of sun and clouds, breezy.  Low: 32.  High: 39 inland, 41 shore.

Monday (MLK, Jr. Day): Mostly sunny, cold.  Low: 19.  High: 28 inland, 29 shore.

Tuesday: Partly to mostly sunny.  Low: 10.  High: 25 inland, 27 shore.  

Wednesday:  Partly to mostly sunny.  Low: 8.  High: 26 inland, 28 shore.

Thursday: Mostly sunny.  Low: 12.  High: 32 inland, 34 shore.

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This is your top story of the DAY? What a disgraceful news organization. The biggest news you've been flooding us with for the past 2 years is the Mueller report and now that it's out and shows Trump is INNOCENT, CH 3 does not report on it. Not reporting on major news is a for of FAKE NEWS. CH 3, you should lose your license. The other news you need to be reporting on is how the people are the US are demanding the democrat party reimburse the government for all the money they wasted on this FAKE investigation. Heads need to role!!!!! News outlets like CNN need to be shutdown and the CEO sent to prison.


As for you concerns and point of view, I agree they are your own. WFSB does an amazing job and my area of CT it's the most watched. Anything political involves a lot of red tape and what the news channels decide to investigate with their funding is up to them. You stated that "they" being the big news companies need to loose their license, well my friend...... turn off your television and log off the internet. No matter where you turn, there is going to be something reported that you do not like.

Taking it out on certain media outlets is just like screaming at a baby for the parents failing to raise it correctly.

WFSB..... keep up the good work. You never shown me otherwise!


@truthseeker - if you are truly a truth seeker, this would not be your rebuttal. How can it be, as truth seekers are not myopic and linear but rather grounded and fact based, none of which you illicit. I suggest you get a job to keep you occupied, you obviously have issues that are broader and more sensitive that require not news media but psychologists and medication.




You are mistaken. Truthseeker is 100% correct. Liberal totalitarianism supported by a complicit media. (George Orwell "1984")

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