Hartford residents continue digging out after Brody

Hartford residents have to dig their cars out of the city lots. (WFSB)

People across Connecticut are getting in a winter workout on Friday as they dig out after storm Brody.

Channel 3 visited Fox Elementary School in Hartford where the parking ban was lifted on Friday morning.

Once the parking ban was lifted, cars had to be out of these school lots by 10 a.m.

“They were backing up to my car,” Gary Ramsey said. “And I said ‘hey, hey stop I'm here!’”

Ramsey had a close call with a tow truck last winter. This year, Ramsey said he's not taking any chances.

“It's cold. Got plowed in so trying to dig out,” Ramsey said.

Folks, who parked in school lots in Hartford, had two hours after the ban was lifted on Saturday morning to get their cars out of there.

“I just started not too long ago,” Ramsey said. “I hope I can get done with this quick its freezing out here.

They were battling not only all this snow but bitter cold temperatures and brutal wind.

“It's ridiculous I was supposed to be at work today and I had to call them and tell them I can’t come in,” Emily Carmona said.

Carmona got her car moved in time, but now the challenge is where to put it, on the slick, and snowy side streets.

“If you park it out there a car will pass by and hit it,” Carmona said.

If drivers parked in one of the city blue lights lots, they have until 2 p.m. to move their car. If they are ticketed and towed, it could cost about $200.

For those with their own parking lots, it means a lot of plowing, shoveling or snow blowing.

"I shoveled the porch last night twice," Hartford Resident Victor said. "It was crazy out here last night, too crazy to be out here."

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