Thunderstorms will end tonight and the heat wave is over!



Well it's officially the fourth day of the heat wave here in Connecticut. At noon, the temperature soared to 91 degrees. However it feels like 100 degrees with the humidity. We're forecasting a high today of 98 degrees with a heat index between 100-105 this afternoon. At least there are no storms expected today, the headline remains the heat. Read on for more info!

No records set yesterday

The Greater Hartford’s high of 98 degrees and Bridgeport’s high of 90 degrees yesterday did not meet their respective record highs of 101 and 95. Nonetheless, the air felt as if it were record heat; at times. The heat indices reached to between 106 and 112 in interior portions of the state.


Heat advisories are in effect for most of the state today; and there's also an air quality alert in effect state wide.

This heatwave is going to last at least through Thursday, if not into Friday. Temperatures will top off in the 90s each day this week, except perhaps Friday, so that this heatwave is a whopping seven to eight days long!

Most of the weather during this time will be fair; however, not all the time. There is a slight chance for a thunderstorm tomorrow. There may be a better chance for storms on Wednesday, the 4th of July as a front stalls nearby. There may be a slight thunderstorm risk on Thursday.

Thunderstorms are likely Friday. A strong cold front will pass through the region and will bring relief from the heat by Saturday. The exact timing of its arrival will affect temperatures; we are anticipating that it will come late enough that we will squeak out another 90-degree day.


Temperatures will not be as hot Saturday or next Sunday. Highs will only be in the 80s, ending the heatwave. In addition, the humidity will go down, adding to a more comfortable feel to the air. The sky will be mostly sunny as high pressure builds into the region in the wake of Friday’s cold front.


Today's record high may be within reach. The record high for July 2nd is 99 degrees, set in 1966; Tomorrow's record should be safe. It's 102 degrees, set in 1966.


The longest heat waves on record in Connecticut lasted a total of 10 days. There was a 10-day heat wave in the summer of 1995 from July 24th through August 2nd. There was another 10-day heat wave in the summer of 2016 that lasted from July 21st through July 30th.

The most intense heat wave was in July of 1991 when we had 3 consecutive days of 100-degree heat! It was 100 on the 19th, 100 on the 20th, and 101 on the 21st!

Meteorologist Mike Cameron with Scot Haney


June 1st, marks the beginning of the meteorological summer. For record keeping purposes, the meteorological summer includes all of June, July, and August.

Astronomical summer occurs at the summer solstice which is Thursday, June 21st, at 6:07 am this year.

June 1 also marks the beginning of the hurricane season. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) already released their initial forecast for the 2018 Tropical Season for the Atlantic Basin. They are predicting a near normal or slightly more active than normal season with 10-16 named storms (average is 12) of which 5-9 are expected to become hurricanes (average is 6). Of those hurricanes, 1-4 are expected to become major hurricanes (average is 3). A major hurricane is a Category 3 or higher. The hurricane season is long; it officially lasts through November 30th. This season got off to an early start when Subtropical Storm Alberto moved northward through the Gulf of Mexico, making landfall on the Florida Panhandle earlier this week, before the official tropical storm season began.

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