TODAY, 9/28/21…

A cold front will pass through the state today. The sky will be mostly cloudy and there will be the chance for a shower or thunderstorm. At this point, we don’t expect severe weather, but some storms could produce a brief downpour and some gusty winds. Areas to the south of Connecticut are in a “marginal” risk area for damaging winds, and that area barely clips extreme Southwestern Fairfield County. Today will be mild and briefly more humid. Highs will be in the low and mid-70s, and dew points will briefly rise into the 60s. The air will start to dry out later tonight.

Much cooler air will overspread the state tonight. Temperatures will dip into the mid and upper 40s in many parts of the state by dawn tomorrow.


With the NAO (North Atlantic Oscillation) going strongly negative, the jet stream will carve out a deep trough over the Northeastern United States. In fact, a cut-off low in the upper regions of the atmosphere will descend southward across New England through the middle and end of the week. That means we are in for a stretch of cool, crisp autumn weather! Daytime highs will be in the 60s, and nighttime lows will be in the 40s! Tomorrow will be mostly sunny, although some clouds may mix in during the afternoon. With a pool of cold air aloft, Thursday will be mostly cloudy, and a couple of showers will move across the state. Friday should be dry and breezy with partly sunny skies.


With little change in the overall weather pattern, we can look forward to dry, cool weekend in Southern New England. Highs will be in the mid to upper 60s Saturday and Sunday, and nighttime lows will range from 40-45. The mercury could dip into the 30s in the normally colder outlying areas. While we’ll enjoy a nice autumn weekend, the whirlpool aloft will pull Hurricane Sam into the Canadian Maritimes by Sunday. Newfoundland could potentially take a direct hit with hurricane force winds.


Sam will weaken as it spins around over Eastern Canada and Northern Maine on Monday. The storm will then move out to sea on Tuesday. Here in Southern New England, our stretch of dry weather should continue. Plus, the cool air will begin to moderate. Highs Monday afternoon should be near 70 degrees and we are forecasting a partly sunny sky.

Chief Meteorologist Bruce DePrest with Scot Haney

“Copyright 2021 WFSB (Meredith Corporation). All rights reserved”

Copyright 2021 WFSB (Meredith Corporation). All rights reserved


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The center of Henri has been wandering around in New York State Monday and now (about 6 PM) has come back into Connecticut.


Spell check....not the same as proofreading. objects in your YARD (not hard) and you want FUEL for your generator (not full).


It looks like two trees fell on Rainbow Road in Windsor, one of them on a car. I haven’t heard of any injuries. The car looks to be totaled.

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